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Anti-fatigue mats

NoTrax's Anti-Fatigue Mats keep employees comfortable all day. These industrial-grade floor coverings are suitable for all commercial uses.

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Non-slip mats

NoTrax's Non-Slip Mats are industrial-grade floor coverings suitable for every commercial application.

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Entry mats

NoTrax's Entry Mats keep dirt from entering facilities. These industrial-grade floor coverings are suitable for all commercial uses.

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Floor protection mats

NoTrax's floor protector mats for carpets and hard surfaces safeguard underlying floors from debris & moisture in heavy traffic areas, keeping them safe and clean.

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Electrical safety mats

NoTrax's electrical mats for safety are engineered to protect workers from electric shock and provides a comfortable, non slip working surface that's easy to clean.

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Disinfectant mats

NoTrax’s shoe disinfectant mats are designed to easily disinfect the bottoms and treads of footwear and help stop germs from entering and spreading in facilities.

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Food service mats

NoTrax's foodservice mats reduce slips & falls and are available in many configurations, including anti-fatigue, anti-slip, and anti-static.

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Buyer's Guide: Selecting NoTrax Floor Mats

Need help selecting the best floor mats for your space? Check out the comprehensive NoTrax buyer’s guide for helpful information. Whether shopping by industry or for specific rooms or areas, trust our guide to "walk you through" the process of selecting the right mats for your needs.

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Featured Products

  1. 479 Black / Yellow
    Cushion Trax®
    Diamond-plate surface anti-fatigue mat. NoTrax Best Seller
    Model No: 479
    As low as $ 19.90
  2. 166 Charcoal
    Waffle pattern that is raised and crushproof to clean bottom of shoes
    Model No: 166
    As low as $ 34.00

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Check out our comprehensive guide to Industrial Matting. Find application-specific guidance and a full selection of matting solutions—from anti-fatigue and non-slip to indoor and outdoor entrances.


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