Shoe Sanitizer Mat Floor Systems


Shoe Sanitizer System

Shoe Sanitizer Mat Systems

Shoe sanitizing systems offer comprehensive cleaning, disinfecting and drying for worker footwear. Sanitizing mat systems are ideal for preventing cross contamination in a variety of working contexts, including medical offices, hospitals, and research facilities. Shoe disinfectant systems are available in two- or three-zone options and incorporate an adhesive-backed design that prevents mat sliding.

The two-zone shoe sanitizing system features a disinfecting zone and a drying zone. The disinfecting zone uses coarse fibers to dislodge dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes and a sanitizing solution to sterilize worker footwear. The drying zone of the two-zone system features highly absorbent Berber carpets to quickly dry shoes in order to prevent slips and falls.

The three-zone sanitizing system features an additional cleaning zone that scrapes the bottoms of shoes to better remove grime, organic matter and other particles. NoTrax also offers easy-to-use replacement mats and inserts that will help ensure long-term performance. Shoe sanitizing systems are easy to deploy and can also be relocated after installation.