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  1. 195 Green

    Keep Smiling Doormat

    Inviting and Inspiring Doormat
    Model No: 195KS
    As low as $ 148.00
  2. 195 Green

    You Decide Doormat

    Inspiring and Stylish
    Model No: 195YD
    As low as $ 148.00
  3. 195 Green

    Think Positive Be Positive Doormat

    Uplifting and Humorous Doormat
    Model No: 195TB
    As low as $ 148.00
  4. 195GV Red

    Good Vibes Only Doormat

    Welcoming and Practical Doormat
    Model No: 195GV
    As low as $ 148.00
  5. 195 Green

    Believe in Yourself Doormat

    Inspirational Decorative Door Mat
    Model No: 195BY
    As low as $ 148.00
  6. 195 Blue

    You Matter Doormat

    Thoughtful and Colorful Doormat
    Model No: 195YM
    As low as $ 148.00
  7. 195 Blue

    Choose to Shine Doormat

    Welcoming and Stylish Doormat
    Model No: 195CS
    As low as $ 148.00
  8. 195 Charcoal

    Don't Give Up Doormat

    Uplifting and Durable Doormat
    Model No: 195DU
    As low as $ 148.00

Decorative Doormats

Decorative Entrance Mats Perfect for Your Front Door and Other Areas of Your Home

Welcome Customers and Guests with Attractive Decorative Floor Mats. Notrax provides a wide selection of decorative floor mats, entrance mats, doormats, and decorative outdoor mats that ensure your floors remain safe and dry. Use these mats at any entrance to protect against slips and falls, protect and preserve interior flooring, reduce cleaning costs, improve indoor air quality, and add to the decor. Entrance mats are essential for maintaining the appearance and creating a safe environment for employees, customers, or visitors, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. At Notrax, our range of decorative door mats includes Christmas door mats, Halloween entrance mats, holiday mats, anti-fatigue decorative floor mats, seasonal entry mats, indoor rugs and mats, outdoor rugs and mats, and many other decorative mats for your home or business.

Our decorative mats add an elegant touch to any home, business, or office entryway. With vivid colors, beautiful designs, and various sizes make them a fresh way to boost any decor. Our decorative entry mats are designed to withstand an active lifestyle and different weather conditions. The doormat, though often overlooked, is your first line of defense against dirt, grit, and debris being tracked in. Whether you need to keep your floors safe from outdoor debris or keep an outdoor or indoor space warm and welcoming, our decorative floor mats are designed to function as hardworking accessories that are also easy on the eyes. Our selection of doormats features a variety of designs, textures, and materials that let you choose just the right one for your space. In addition, easy-to-clean, Notrax decorative door mats are designed to withstand the day-to-day realities of high-traffic areas, indoors or out.