Recessed Mats for Entrance


Protect Floors with NoTrax Recessed Mats

Quality Matting System Helps Keep Dirt at Bay

Recessed entrance mats from NoTrax are the perfect way to trap dirt and debris and reduce slips and falls. For high-traffic entrance ways in commercial lobbies or foyers, a recessed mat can help to eliminate the possibility of trips and falls that result from mat obstruction. A recessed mat is an entrance mat that lies even with the surface of the surrounding floor. These mats are securely fastened within a recess which prevents them from being accidentally overturned or removed.

The uniquely designed scrapping technology of recessed mats from NoTrax allows them to trap dirt and debris before they can enter the lobby of a commercial building. These mats are easy to install and remove for cleaning purposes, and multiple sizing options are available. Whatever your entrance mat need, NoTrax has the matting solution that is right for you.