Cold Weather Entrance Protection

Cold weather brings rain, snow, ice, and a lot of dirt and debris. You can alleviate potential hazards like trips and slips with NoTrax entry mats for snow and ice. Entrance mats don't just help to keep your facility clean and tidy, they can ultimately help prevent trips and slips when the weather is wet or icy during winter and early spring months.

Help your team reduce the number of injuries in your buildings this season by utilizing our slip resistant entrance and brush step matting for more traction throughout your facility and reduce cleaning costs by utilizing entrance carpet protector mats.

NoTrax® has rounded up our winter mat collection and it includes a variety of functional designs to reduce dirt and moisture throughout your facilities while keeping your users upright and accident free. We provide indoor, outdoor , and shoe sanitation options for winter to meet any needs you may have. Read on to learn more about how NoTrax can help your organization this season or download a brochure.

Benefits of Outdoor Mats for Snow and Ice

  • Hi-low designs scrape shoes and keep moisture and dirt away from the surface of the mat
  • Reducing the amount of dirt and moisture inside facilities lowers cleaning costs
  • Entrance mats help create a tidy and professional entryway for businesses

Various factors should be considered when purchasing an entrance mat for winter weather. These factors include intended function, amount of traffic, and the environment which the mat will reside.

Shop Outdoor Entrance Mats for Winter

Our outdoor mats for winter snow and ice and entryway protection mats come in a variety of brushes, thicknesses, patterns, and colors – you can even customize your entrance mat with a company logo or slogan. For a full selection of winter products download our brochure.

Shop Indoor Entrance Mats for Winter

Multiple color options help create an attractive and tidy first impression at entrances while needle-punched yarn helps to scrape debris from shoes and keep it out of your facility. Vinyl-back ensures your mats stay in place and reduces buckling and trip hazards. For a full selection of winter products download our brochure.

Benefits of Shoe Disinfecting Mats

  • Made of materials that resist most chemicals and variations in temperature
  • Thick containment border allows mats to hold disinfectant solution
  • Models with flexible rubber fingers provide scrubbing action
  • Suction cups on underside help to minimize mat movement

Help limit the spread of contaminants on floors and in vital areas throughout your facility with shoe disinfection and sanitizing systems.

Shop Shoe Disinfecting Entrance Mats

With cold weather comes snow, ice, and ultimately muddy debris. Keep the dirt outdoors where it belongs and out of your sensitive areas with mats that provide shoe and boot disinfection. For a full selection of winter products download our brochure.

Shop Combination Winter Entrance Mats

Our indoor/outdoor combination entrance mats provide the best of both worlds in one mat. The molded patterns help with scraping and drying, while the carpet-to-edge (CTE) construction helps these mats blend in with their surroundings, no matter the environment. Their low profile designs ensure that trips are minimized and safety is first. For a full selection of winter products download our brochure.

Shop Other Winter Entrance Mats & Accessories

Coir mats are an easy way to add a fully-functional splash of color to your home or business entryway. Hand-woven, UV-protected fibers are vibrant and resist fading, mold, and mildew. For a full selection of winter products download our brochure.

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NoTrax is more than just entrance mats. From the manufacturing floor to full-service kitchen operations, our team provides products to keep your employees safe, sanitary, and comfortable. Learn more about our full-selection of anti-fatigue, non-slip, electrical safety, and custom options today.