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Non-Slip Workstation Mats

Workstation Mats

Non-slip workstation mats are ideal for providing personnel with reliable traction in individual workstations in industrial and commercial settings. Slips and falls are among the leading cause of injuries in the workplace. Non-slip mats incorporate slip-resistant technology that will help keep employees on their feet in wet working conditions.

NoTrax offers a wide range of non-slip workstation mats that are intended for applications with varying degrees of usage intensity. Light traffic non-slip mats typically feature a PVC foam base designed to provide reliable traction for pedestrians and cushioning for workers who are required to remain standing for long periods of time. Medium traffic workstation mats are ideal for multi-shift operations. Medium traffic mats often incorporate a durable rubber construction that will not lose its shape even after prolonged use.

High-traffic, non-slip mats intended for use in individual workstations offer the highest levels of slip resistance and comfort. These mats feature a durable crush-resistant construction that is able to retain its shape even under extreme weight. Non-slip workstation mats are available in a variety of colors and sizing options.