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  1. 830 Black / Yellow

    Switchboard Matting - Corrugated

    Switchboard mat corrugated mat to provide insulation for the worker
    Model No: 830
    As low as $ 22.00
  2. 835 Blue

    Military Switchboard Type 2

    Smooth surface, fire-retardant and electrically insulating floor mat
    Model No: 835
    As low as $ 33.00
  3. 831 Black / Yellow

    Switchboard Matting - Diamond

    Switchboard mat diamond plate mat to provide insulation for the worker
    Model No: 831
    As low as $ 22.00


Electrically Insulative Switchboard Matting

Switchboard mats from NoTrax are uniquely designed for high voltage working environments. These mats are intended to provide reliable insulation for workers in order to protect against electric shock. Switchboard mats are ideal for use in and around substations, transformers, switches, electrical panels, engine rooms and generators.

In addition to shock-prevention, switchboard mats from NoTrax also incorporate a number of design features intended to accommodate a wide range of working conditions. Anti-fatigue switchboard mats will provide workers with a comfortable standing surface intended to alleviate strain on backs and knees. Anti-fatigue matting is ideal for improving overall worker satisfaction as well as minimizing absenteeism resulting from chronic injuries.

Switchboard mats are also available in a variety of size and material options. Custom length switchboard mats can be cut to any desired length in order to provide coverage for large areas. Switchboard mats that feature a diamond plate top surface will provide added traction for workers in wet areas in order to prevent slips and falls. For dry working areas, switchboard mats that incorporate a corrugated top surface will provide reliable insulation and are easy to sweep clean.