Drainage & Non-Slip Kitchen Floor Mats

  • Rubber Cutting Boards

    Cutting boards are breeding grounds for germs. NoTrax FDA-compliant Sani-Tuff rubber cutting boards are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and stain- and chemical-resistant. They’re durable, low maintenance and easy on knives.

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  • Drainage

    Grease, oil and water threaten worker safety in any restaurant. Notrax anti-slip drainage mats are designed with holes that allow liquids to flow through easily, reducing the risk of slips and falls throughout the restaurant.

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  • Solid

    Solid food service workstation mats are made of heavy-duty rubber nitrile rubber compounds, resistant to vegetable oils and greases. Anti-slip surfaces reduce falls and workplace accidents. Anti-fatigue material provides comfort.

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  • Runner

    Comfort is as important as safety, which is why NoTrax food service runner mats combine anti-slip properties for enhanced traction as well as ergonomic, anti-fatigue comfort. Multiple layouts and sizes are available.

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  • Entrance

    Food service entry mats keep moisture and debris out of a restaurant’s lobby, dining room or kitchen. Made from a special dirt-trapping material, dirt and debris are scraped right off shoe bottoms before it can be tracked inside.

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  • Accessories

    NoTrax provides and assortment of accessories for care and cleaning of food service mats, including utility carts and mat racks for easy loading and transport. Lightweight and maneuverable, they are easy to use and store.

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Featured Products

  1. T30 Red
    Everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Model No: T30
    As low as $ 51.00

Drainage and Non-Slip Kitchen Floor Mats

Food Service Mats by NoTrax

Food service mats from NoTrax are designed to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for personnel in restaurants and eateries. These mats feature an anti-slip construction that will work to reduce workplace slips and falls. For wet environments, food service mats often incorporate drainage holes that allow water and grease to drain easily.

Unsure which mat you need? This restaurant mat guide can help you find the right mat for your application

These mats are also ideal for elevating workers off cold or greasy floors by providing a raised area for employees to stand on. Many foodservice mats also feature anti-fatigue properties that will reduce injuries that result from remaining stationary for long periods of time.

For coolers and freezers that can become wet and slippery for staff, foodservice mats with a cold-resistant construction are ideal. Whatever your foodservice mat need, NoTrax has the perfect mat for your establishment.

Benefits of NoTrax Food Service Mats

  • Prevents or reduces slips and falls on slick floors
  • Elevates workers above cold, wet floors
  • Protects against breakage of falling objects
  • Anti-fatigue cushioning promotes blood flow by stimulating continuous micro movements
  • Increases productivity and safety