Non-Slip Custom Mats | Anti-Skid Traction Matting


Non-Slip Custom Mats from NoTrax

Custom-sized non-slip mats from NoTrax enable users to extend reliable traction to any desired length. Non-slip mats are uniquely designed with slip-resistant properties to provide personnel and guests with reliable traction in wet working conditions. In addition to slip resistance, many non-slip mats also incorporate anti-fatigue technology to alleviate bodily strain that results from standing for long periods.

Non-slip mats are available in a wide range of design options that can accommodate a variety of working contexts. Non-slip mats designed for use in welding applications feature a nitrile rubber construction that is resistant to chemicals, oils, cutting fluids, and grease. For food processing applications, custom-sized drainage mats are ideal. Drainage mats feature large drainage holes that will help filter oils, grease, and other liquids commonly used in food processing and preparation.

Whether you’re looking for modular interlocking mat tiles that can be arranged in various configurations or mat rolls that can extend mat coverage up to 75 feet, NoTrax has the custom matting option that is right for you.