Anti-Fatigue Mat Rolls


Anti-Fatigue Mat Rolls

Stop Taping Mats Together. Matting Rolls Are Ideal for Long Runs

For commercial or industrial applications, anti-fatigue mat rolls from NoTrax are designed to provide a comfortable area for workers to stand on for long periods of time. Mat rolls offer facilities with large areas the mats they need. Anti-fatigue matt rolls are ideal for assembly lines, warehouses, plants, or any area where employees are required to remain stationary for long periods of time.

Anti-fatigue mats are typically manufactured using vinyl or other materials that will provide a stable, comfortable platform for workers to stand on. These long-lasting mats will retain their shape or structure even after many hours of prolonged use.

Anti-fatigue mats can also incorporate anti-slip technology that will protect personnel from slips and falls in wet environments. Whatever your matting needs, anti-fatigue mat rolls from NoTrax will give your facility the safe and comfortable working areas you need. Customized sizes are available.