Buyer's Guide: Selecting NoTrax Floor Mats

There are a wide variety of workplace floor mats. Whether it’s hallway runners or mats for cleanrooms, there’s a mat for almost any need. When looking for a mat for your business, however, the variety can be a little daunting. How should you go about choosing the mat that’s just right for you?

The first thing to do is to determine the need. What’s the purpose of the mat you’re looking for? Is it to provide cushion and support for an employee who will be standing for long periods of time in the same spot? Or do you need a mat to prevent slips and falls?

Determining the need will narrow down your search to a type of mat, making the process much easier. Whatever your workplace needs, NoTrax™ has just the right mat for you. Our mats are made with the highest quality materials and are subject to thorough product testing.

Choosing the Type of Mat

Once you’ve determined the purpose of the mat, now you can select the type of mat designed to meet your needs. Here are some examples of different types of mats that might be right for you:

Anti-Fatigue Mats

These anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide cushion and support for any employees that will be standing in the same spot for long periods of time. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to provide ergonomic support for workers which can help prevent things like backache or neck strain.


Non-Slip Mats

Non-slip mats help provide traction in the workplace, particularly for flooring surfaces that can become hazardous when wet. Additionally, many industries work with potential slip hazards like water, grease, oils, or chemicals which can be a hazard to employees. Non-slip mats are a great option to keep your staff safe from falls.


Entrance & Hallway Runner Mats

Entrance mats are mats meant to keep out dirt and debris, provide traction for people coming and going, and to add a nice aesthetic to your work environment.


Electrical Safety Mats

Electrical mats, commonly referred to as ESD mats and switchboard mats, prevent employees from generating large amounts of static electricity. In addition to protecting people from static shock. Many anti-fatigue options are available.


Disinfectant Mats

These are mats designed to prevent the spread of materials, chemicals, or microorganisms in the workplace. There are a wide variety of disinfectant mats with a range of functions, from shoe sanitizing mats to absorbent mats designed to prevent the spread of liquids.


Foodservice Matting

Foodservice mats are designed specifically for restaurants. They are anti-fatigue mats that provide employees a comfortable workspace, anti-slip mats that provide traction, and are also designed to assist with the drainage of liquids.


NoTrax Product Testing

Once you’ve selected a mat that’s right for you, the next factor to consider is durability. All NoTrax products are subjected to a number of performance tests by independent laboratories before they are sent to market. 

Some of these tests include depression which ensures the mats will retain their integrity over time, tensile and tear tests to predict a product’s durability in a workplace environment, and anti-microbial testing for cleanroom mats to evaluate the mat’s ability to reduce workplace contamination.

No matter what product you decide is right for your business, you can make your decision with the confidence that your mat has been manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of the workplace.

Product Guarantee

Not only are all NoTrax products tested to ensure their workplace performance, but they are also guaranteed and backed by a full warranty under normal conditions of use. NoTrax mats incorporate Uni-Fusion™ technology which means that they are virtually one single piece of material. The bonding and lamination formats with Uni-Fusion™ come with a lifetime guarantee. 

If your mat doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to, then we’ll replace it or issue you a refund. For a comprehensive outline of our warranty and for more information regarding ordering, pricing and customer service, visit our website or contact us directly.

Glossary of Terms

Some of the product descriptions or information related to our mats are industry-specific. To help you find the mat that’s just right for you, here’s a link to our glossary of terms.