Food Service Drainage Mats


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  1. T30 Red


    Everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Model No: T30
    As low as $ 51.00
  2. T12 Brown Corner


    Premier anti fatigue grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Model No: T12
    As low as $ 67.00
  3. T25 Red


    Value Line lightweight natural rubber kitchen drainage antifatigue mat
    Model No: T25
    As low as $ 58.00
  4. Optimat®

    Honeycomb antifatigue drainage grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Model No: T15
    As low as $ 73.00
  5. 619 Black

    Drain Lite™

    Economical everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Model No: 619
    As low as $ 47.00
  6. T47 Black


    Interlocking shelf liners for food prep and bar areas
    Model No: T47
    As low as $ 8.00
  7. T32 Black


    Everday interlocking drainage anti-fatigue restaurant kitchen mat
    Model No: T32
    As low as $ 27.00

Food Service Drainage Mats

Foodservice drainage mats from NoTrax are uniquely designed to drain water and grease build-up. In the foodservice industry, water, oil, and grease accumulation in the work area are common. Drainage mats from NoTrax are designed with holes that allow liquids to easily pass through. The result is a slip-free work area for staff and other personnel. The anti-slip design of these mats will offer increased traction for faced-paced environments.

For workers who remain stationary in a single location for long periods of time, drainage mats often feature anti-fatigue properties that provide a comfortable work area. Anti-fatigue drainage mats can reduce injuries occurring from standing on uncomfortable surfaces that don't support the back or knees. No matter what your foodservice matting need is, NoTrax has the solution you need.