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  1. 415 Black

    Pebble Step Sof-Tred™ with Dyna-Shield®

    Foam anti-fatigue pebble surface with highest wear and strength
    Model No: 415
    As low as $ 12.00
  2. 479 Black / Yellow

    Cushion Trax®

    Diamond-plate surface anti-fatigue mat. NoTrax Best Seller
    Model No: 479
    As low as $ 26.00
  3. 419 Black / Yellow

    Diamond Sof-Tred™ with Dyna-Shield®

    Foam anti-fatigue diamond surface with highest wear and strength
    Model No: 419
    As low as $ 16.00
  4. 549 Black / Yellow

    Safety Stance®

    Heavy duty rubber anti-fatigue mat for industrial oils and chemicals
    Model No: 549
    As low as $ 87.00
  5. Diamond Flex-Lok™ Assembled

    Interlocking drainage pre-assembled mat is durable and tough
    Model No: 620
    As low as $ 11.00
  6. 979 Black / Yellow

    Saddle Trax®

    Full 1" thick diamond-plate top surface for ultimate anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 979
    As low as $ 38.00
  7. 417 Black

    Bubble Sof-Tred™ with Dyna-Shield®

    Foam anti-fatigue bubble surface with highest wear and strength
    Model No: 417
    As low as $ 16.00
  8. 975 Gray

    Cushion Trax® Ultra™

    Diamond-plate surface 3/4" thick anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 975
    As low as $ 30.00
  9. 985 Black / Yellow

    Ergo Trax® Grande™

    Full 1" thick diamond-plate anti-fatigue mat with rubber sponge
    Model No: 985
    As low as $ 44.00
  10. 509 Black


    Diamond-plate anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 509
    As low as $ 49.00
  11. 410 Black / Yellow


    Foam anti-fatigue ribbed surface
    Model No: 410
    As low as $ 8.00
  12. 470 Blue

    Marble Sof-Tyle™

    Smooth marble-pattern anti-fatigue mat for ergonomic comfort
    Model No: 470
    As low as $ 44.00
  13. 970 Black

    Marble Sof-Tyle™ Grande™

    1" thick smooth marble-pattern anti-fatigue mat for ergonomic comfort
    Model No: 970
    As low as $ 50.00
  14. 510 Black / Yellow

    Diamond-Tuff™ Max

    Thicker diamond-plate anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 510
    As low as $ 68.00
  15. Optimat®

    Honeycomb antifatigue drainage grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Model No: T15
    As low as $ 73.00
  16. 508 Black

    Diamond Cushion™

    Foam anti-fatigue diamond pattern surface where cost is a concern
    Model No: 508
    As low as $ 452.00
  17. 411 Black


    Foam anti-fatigue pebble-texture surface
    Model No: 411
    As low as $ 8.00
  18. 976 Black / Yellow

    Dura Trax® Ultra™

    Thicker high performance anti-fatigue mat for ulimate comfort
    Model No: 976
    As low as $ 36.00
  19. 485 Black

    Ergo Trax®

    Diamond-plate anti-fatigue mat with rubber sponge
    Model No: 485
    As low as $ 32.00
  20. 825 Black / Yellow

    Cushion-Stat™ W/ Dyna-Shield®

    Anti-static PVC durable foam floor mat
    Model No: 825
    As low as $ 24.00

Anti-Fatigue Custom Cut-to-Length Mats

Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats. Custom-cut anti-fatigue mats are perfect for covering large or unique areas with a comfortable working platform. These custom-sized mats from NoTrax feature an ergonomically designed surface that will alleviate bodily strain and increase blood circulation. Anti-fatigue mats can also help reduce chronic injuries and worker absenteeism resulting from standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces. Custom-cut anti-fatigue mats are available in a variety of material options to provide coverage in dry, wet, or greasy conditions.

Anti-fatigue mats are also available in a wide range of design options to accommodate facilities with varying degrees of usage intensity. Custom-cut mats designed for light-traffic environments feature a vinyl construction that is easy to clean and provides maximum comfort for workers. In addition to providing workers with a comfortable standing surface, medium-traffic anti-fatigue mats also incorporate anti-slip properties that will offer reliable traction in wet or greasy working conditions. Custom anti-fatigue mats intended for use in heavy-traffic environments typically feature a rubber or nitrile rubber compound construction that provides the highest levels of fatigue relief in any working environment.