Hallway & Aisle Runner Mats


Long Hallway or Aisle Runner Floor Mats

Have a long stretch of space to protect?

For long hallways and walkways in commercial buildings, custom-sized runner mats are ideal. These mats can be cut to any size and will provide reliable traction for personnel and guests on potentially slippery floors such as wood, concrete, or tile. In addition to preventing injuries resulting from slips and falls, commercial long hallway mats will provide a welcoming aesthetic in entryways and lobbies. For outdoor walkways, cold-weather and drainage hallway mats are also available.

Long hallway and aisle runner mats from NoTrax are available in a variety of design options to accommodate facilities with any level of usage intensity. Heavy-traffic commercial runner mats are ideal for use in areas where multiple mats are not desired and often incorporate several levels of protection, including scraping, drying, and absorption. Medium-traffic runner mats feature a high level of construction and will provide reliable traction in high-traffic environments even after prolonged use. Light-traffic mats for use in long hallways or walkways will provide a warm aesthetic appeal as well as reliable traction for pedestrians.