Electrical Mats | ESD, Anti-Static & Switchboard

  • ESD Mats & Anti Static Mats for Electrical Safety

    ESD mats and anti-static mats prevent static electricity build up to protect sensitive equipment and flammable products. They also protect people from potential slips and falls.

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  • Switchboard Mats

    Switchboard mats insulate workers in high-voltage environments. Using diamond-textured or corrugated material, switchboard matting is fire-retardant and rated up to 20,000 volts. It also provides solid traction and is easy to clean.

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Featured Products

  1. 831 Black / Yellow
    Switchboard Matting - Diamond
    Switchboard mat diamond plate mat to provide insulation for the worker
    Model No: 831
    As low as $ 14.80
  2. 825 Black / Yellow
    Cushion-Stat™ W/ Dyna-Shield®
    Anti-static PVC durable foam floor mat
    Model No: 825
    As low as $ 21.60

Electrical Mats for Safety

If your workplace heavily features electrical systems — especially if there are live conductors or the risk of accidental contact — then you are required by law to use insulating electrical mats. Should you fail to do so, and one of your employees is injured or killed due to electrocution, you might be held liable. Luckily, NoTrax has you covered. Our electrical safety mats both insulate against electrical shock and provide ergonomic support, meaning you don't need to sacrifice comfort for the sake of safety.

We also offer a range of anti-static mats to help keep delicate electrical equipment safe.