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  1. 080 Blue Corner

    Clean-Step™ Tacky Mat

    Use at entrance and exit to laboratories, operating rooms and other locations that require a sterile environment
    Model No: 080
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Tacky Mats

Tacky Mats for Clean Rooms

Adhesive surface tacky mats from NoTrax are designed to prevent patient-to-patient and healthcare worker-to-patient cross contamination or infection in a variety of working contexts, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and research facilities. These mats feature a peel-away surface that allows users to quickly dispose of old sheets and instantly provide a clean surface. Tacky mats also incorporate an antimicrobial design that helps prevent cross contamination in environments where workers provide care to multiple patients.

The adhesive surface of the tacky mat is able to grab dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes and prevent unwanted contamination from one area to another. These mats also feature numbered tabs that ensure only one sheet is removed at a time. In addition to foot traffic, tacky mats are designed for use with wheeled carts or other equipment. Adhesive surface mats from NoTrax are available in blue, white, or gray, as well as a wide range of stock sizing options.