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  1. 620 Black
    Diamond Flex-Lok™ Tile
    Drainage interlocking tile
    Model No: 620-Tile
    As low as $ 18.00
  2. Diamond Flex-Lok™ Assembled
    Interlocking drainage pre-assembled mat is durable and tough
    Model No: 620
    As low as $ 134.00
  3. 1 0
    RR Tiles
    Heavy duty rubber tiles for gyms, vending area, locker & rest rooms
    Model No: 050
    As low as $ 61.00
  4. 431 Black
    Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ Ramp
    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ series
    Model No: 431
    As low as $ 10.00
  5. 523 Yellow
    Modular Lok-Tyle™
    Lightweight interlocking tiles for use as flooring in wet environments
    Model No: 523
    As low as $ 1.00
  6. T32 Black
    Everday interlocking drainage anti-fatigue restaurant kitchen mat
    Model No: T32
    As low as $ 27.00
  7. T12 Brown Corner
    Premier anti fatigue grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Model No: T12
    As low as $ 67.00
  8. 571 Yellow Zoom
    De-Flex® Ramp
    Rubber ramps for use with the De-Flex® family of mats
    Model No: 571
    As low as $ 52.00
  9. T47 Black
    Interlocking shelf liners for food prep and bar areas
    Model No: T47
    As low as $ 9.00
  10. 481 Ramps
    Skymaster® HD o-Curve™ Ramp
    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD o-Curve™ series
    Model No: 481
    As low as $ 10.00

Items 1-36 of 50

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Non-Slip Interlocking Floor Mat Tiles for Industrial Settings

Mat Tiles. For working contexts with large or unique layouts, non-slip mat tiles can be assembled in virtually any configuration. Mat tiles from NoTrax feature an interlocking design that allows users to extend mat coverage quickly and easily to hard-to-reach areas. NoTrax offers non-slip mat tiles in a variety of design options to accommodate any working application.

Non-slip mat tiles that incorporate a cold-resistant design feature a recycled rubber construction that provides reliable traction even in cold-weather conditions. Drainage mat tiles are designed to evacuate excess water from working platforms. These mats feature drainage holes that allow water or other liquids to easily pass through. Drainage mat tiles are also available in anti-fatigue options for applications where employees are required to remain standing for long periods of time.

Oil-resistant mat tiles are also available for restaurant or food processing contexts. These mats typically feature a heavy-duty rubber construction that provides resilient oil and grease resistance. Non-slip mat tiles are available in a wide range of surface options, including diamond, pebble grain, bubble, and smooth surface.