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  1. 620 Black

    Diamond Flex-Lok™ Tile

    Drainage interlocking tile
    Model No: 620-Tile
    As low as $ 18.00
  2. Diamond Flex-Lok™ Assembled

    Interlocking drainage pre-assembled mat is durable and tough
    Model No: 620
    As low as $ 11.00
  3. 1 0

    RR Tiles

    Heavy duty rubber tiles for gyms, vending area, locker & rest rooms
    Model No: 050
    As low as $ 69.00
  4. 431 Black

    Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ Ramp

    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ series
    Model No: 431
    As low as $ 9.00

Non-Slip Interlocking Floor Mat Tiles for Industrial Settings

Configure Your Tiles to your Workspace and Around Existing Equipment Easily to Add Safety and Ergonomics to Your Facility.

Need to offer ergonomic support for personnel while also reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls? NoTrax's no-slip interlocking floor mat tiles are the answer. Designed for especially large workplaces and complex layouts, these modular tiles provide excellent fatigue relief while also providing drainage for wet environments such as kitchens and industrial facilities. Custom configure your tile layout quickly and easily around workstations and equipment to meet your specific needs.

Lightweight and easy to set up, our mats are available in a range of different materials and formats, including grease-resistant rubber, durable PVC, and nitrile rubber grit. With prices starting at $1.00, they're also highly affordable, with options for virtually every use case and price point.