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  1. 551 Yellow

    M.D. Ramp System®

    Rubber ramp for use with the Cushion-Ease® family of matting products
    Model No: 551
    As low as $ 19.00
  2. 571 Yellow Zoom

    De-Flex® Ramp

    Rubber ramps for use with the De-Flex® family of mats
    Model No: 571
    As low as $ 50.00
  3. 552 Yellow Main

    M.D.-X Ramp System™

    Wider rubber ramp for use with the Cushion-Ease® family of mats
    Model No: 552
    As low as $ 27.00
  4. 461 Yellow Ramps

    Skymaster® HD Ramp

    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD series
    Model No: 461
    As low as $ 13.00
  5. 1 0

    Slabmat™ Safety Ramps

    Ramps for use with the Slabmat™. Beveled edge to minimize trip hazards
    Model No: 041
    As low as $ 13.00
  6. 481 Ramps

    Skymaster® HD o-Curve™ Ramp

    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD o-Curve™ series
    Model No: 481
    As low as $ 9.00
  7. 431 Black

    Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ Ramp

    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ series
    Model No: 431
    As low as $ 9.00
  8. 621 Yellow Male Ramp

    Diamond Flex-Lok™ Solid Ramp

    Solid interlocking ramp
    Model No: 621-Ramp
    As low as $ 11.00
  9. 621 Yellow Corner

    Diamond Flex-Lok™ Solid Corner

    Solid interlocking corner
    Model No: 621-Corner
    As low as $ 11.00
  10. 620 Yellow Corner

    Diamond Flex-Lok™ Corner

    Drainage interlocking corner
    Model No: 620C
    As low as $ 11.00
  11. 620 Yellow Male Ramp

    Diamond Flex-Lok™ Ramp

    Drainage interlocking ramp
    Model No: 620R
    As low as $ 11.00

Accessories for Anti-Fatigue Matting

NoTrax offers a variety of mat accessories for anti-fatigue mats. Safety ramps are available to maximize mat accessibility and prevent injuries resulting from upturned mats. Safety ramps feature an interlocking design that makes installation easy and a nitrile rubber construction that provides the highest levels of resistance to chemicals, oils, and grease. Safety ramps are available in a range of stock sizes and colors.

Interlocking rubber mat curves are also available for providing anti-fatigue coverage in curved or circular configurations. Mat curves are compatible with any of the Skymaster HD mats and are designed to provide exceptional fatigue relief. Mat curves incorporate a bubble top surface that is ergonomically designed to alleviate bodily strain as well as provide reliable traction for workers.

Adhesive glue is available for vinyl and rubber anti-fatigue mats. Adhesives from NoTrax are used to attach beveled nosing to unfinished ends of custom-cut carpet mats in order to give them a factory-finished look. Splicing kits are also available to facilitate the on-site connection of laminate mat rolls to create custom configurations or longer runs of coverage.