Non-Slip Mats

  • Drainage Mats

    Designed for wet environments such as the food service industry, drainage mats have holes that allow liquid to pass through easily. This design is aimed at ensuring a safe, stable work environment where the chance of slips and falls is reduced.

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  • Workstation Mats

    Non-slip rubber workstation mats improve traction, reduce slips and falls, and provide ergonomic comfort. Ideal for slick floors like tile and laminate, and frequently wet areas. Slip-resistant construction prevents injury and minimizes downtime.

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  • Mat Tiles

    Interlocking floor mat tiles provide ergonomic support, drainage, and maintain safe workspaces. Great for complex layouts and large spaces; made from rubber, PVC and nitrile rubber grit. Ideal safety solution for kitchens, industrial facilities.

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  • Custom Mats

    NoTrax custom non-slip, anti-fatigue mats help maintain safe workspaces. Available as modular tiles or heavy-duty rolls, they are easily configured to suit any space. Mats come in chemical resistant, flame retardant, or anti-static material.

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  • Rolls

    Perfect for large workspaces, flexible non-slip floor rolls come in porous, shock absorbent and bacteria resistant material. Rolls are available in recycled rubber, foam, and vinyl. Grease-resistant, anti-static, and drainage mats are also available.

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Featured Products

  1. 479 Black / Yellow
    Cushion Trax®
    Diamond-plate surface anti-fatigue mat. NoTrax Best Seller
    Model No: 479
    As low as $ 19.90
  2. Diamond Flex-Lok™ Assembled
    Interlocking drainage pre-assembled mat is durable and tough
    Model No: 620
    As low as $ 11.00

Non-Slip Mats Help Prevent Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are responsible for 20 to 30% of long-term absences in the workplace. Non-slip mats are an excellent way to ensure fewer accidents happen when potential slip hazards are present. Our mats are designed to reduce the number of workplace falls by providing traction for employees and patrons. NoTrax’s safety flooring mats are an ideal and affordable solution to safeguarding your facility from the dangers of moisture while making sure that employees or guests stay secure on their feet.

Benefits of Non-Slip Mats

A slick floor, especially hard surfaces like tile and laminate, poses a significant hazard when wet. Reduce the chances for slips and falls with NoTrax mats featuring slip resistance. In wet areas, these mats increase traction while providing fatigue relief, slip prevention, and insulation. Every type of floor, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, can benefit from rubber traction mats.

Non-Slip Mats for Your Industry and Application

Mats are manufactured in various materials and compounds. Anti-slip matting comes in standard sizes for all workstations; custom configurations are also available. Our non-slip mats are designed with certain industries in mind. Each industry has a unique work environment, and we can help you find the best anti-slip mat for your needs. Our mats come with optional beveled edges to prevent tripping when stepping on or off the mat.

Anti-Slip Workstation Mats

Anti-slip workstation mats provide essential traction for staff in industrial and commercial environments, making individual work areas safer. These mats perform a preventive measure against workplace slips and falls, which commonly cause injuries. They are built with slip-resistant technology to maintain stability in moist conditions, ensuring workers remain upright.

NoTrax presents an extensive selection of anti-slip workstation mats suitable for different levels of foot traffic. Mats designed for light traffic areas use a PVC foam base to offer not only stability but also cushioning for employees who stand for extended periods. Mats for medium traffic environments are optimal for facilities that operate multiple shifts, featuring robust rubber construction that retains form with ongoing use.

For the utmost in slip resistance and comfort, high-traffic anti-slip mats are engineered specifically for busy workstations. These mats are constructed to endure and maintain their shape under significant weight, thanks to their durable, crush-resistant design. A variety of colors and sizes of non-slip workstation mats are available to meet diverse workplace needs.

Anti-Slip Drainage Mats for Wet Conditions

NoTrax anti-slip drainage mats swiftly remove surplus water from workspaces, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls by keeping floors drier. These mats feature strategically placed holes to expedite the flow of water, oils, greases, and other fluids away from standing areas, while also integrating slip-resistant features to ensure stable footing even in damp environments.

Offering a broad range of designs, these drainage mats can be used across multiple industries. For the food processing industry, which demands extensive standing shifts, mats are tailored to combine efficient water drainage with ergonomic support, helping to lessen physical discomfort for workers. For environments like welding or metalworking, where fire hazards are a concern, fire-resistant drainage mats are available. These mats comply with federal flammability requisites, and include a chemical treatment that makes them slow to ignite and capable of self-extinguishing.

NoTrax provides these anti-slip, water-management solutions in numerous standard and customizable sizes to fit a wide spectrum of workplace layouts and requirements.

Customizable Anti-Slip Interlocking Mat Tiles for Industrial Use

NoTrax offers anti-slip interlocking floor mat tiles, perfect for extensive work areas and intricate designs. These modular tiles help relieve standing fatigue and include options for managing moisture in areas prone to wetness, such as industrial sites and kitchens. Tiles can be arranged to accommodate the unique contours or shapes of your workspace and machinery, ensuring optimal safety and ergonomic benefits.

These lightweight mat tiles are simple to install and come in a variety of materials and styles, including options in grease-resistant rubber, sturdy PVC, and nitrile rubber with added grit for extra traction. 

Custom Anti-Slip Mats by NoTrax

NoTrax offers custom-cut anti-slip mats, allowing for the extension of secure footing over any specified area. Engineered with superior anti-slip features, these mats provide traction in wet environments for both staff and visitors. Along with slip-resistance, numerous mats also boast anti-fatigue capabilities, providing crucial comfort and reducing strain for those who stand for prolonged periods.

Different custom mat styles are available for different occupational settings. For example, mats intended for welding sites are made with nitrile rubber, known for its resistance to chemicals, oils, cutting fluids, and grease. In contrast, for food processing sectors, custom-sized drainage mats with sizeable holes effectively filter out oils, greases, and various liquids common in food handling tasks.

Flexible Anti-Slip Mat Rolls 

For unmatched flexibility in your flooring solutions, NoTrax anti-slip, anti-fatigue mat rolls are your ideal choice. Our RR rolls are especially well-suited for settings such as gyms, locker rooms, restrooms, and vending areas. These mats are eco-friendly, offer shock absorption, and are porous while being weather-resistant and designed to resist bacterial growth.

We also offer a variety of mat rolls made from diverse materials, including recycled rubber, soft gel foam, and vinyl. Our selection also encompasses specialized options such as anti-static, grease-resistant, and drainage mats. No matter your workplace requirements, NoTrax delivers versatile matting solutions to fit your needs perfectly.