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Disinfectant Mats to Keep Shoes from Spreading Bacteria and Viruses

One of the primary risks in hospitals, care facilities or research labs is cross contamination. Shoe soles and wheeled equipment can potentially carry pathogens or other materials from one area of a facility to another and could lead to infection or contamination.

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Durable Rubber Floor Mats for High Foot Traffic Areas

Interlocking Drainage Mat

Ensuring and maintaining a clean, scuff-free floor in high traffic areas is not just a matter of pride for your business—it’s a matter of safety.

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Video Demos the Benefits of NoTrax Laminate Matting

NoTrax Laminate Matting Video

NoTrax has released a video that demonstrates how our laminate mat’s special design maintains ergonomic integrity in the busiest of work environments, whether it be a laboratory, restaurant, or commercial assembly facility.


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NoTrax Video Demonstrates Adaptability of Workstation Matting

Cushion-Ease Modular Matting Video

NoTrax Cushion-Ease® Workstation Matting gives you comfort, safety, and configurability in a high-quality, mixed-synthetic-rubber, anti-slip design. NoTrax has posted a new video on its website demonstrating how this versatile product protects employees and helps maintain workplace productivity.

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ESD Floor Mats for the Semiconductor Industry

In the semi-conductor world, those innocuous sounds can mean financial and production disaster if accompanied by electro-static discharge (ESD). 

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5 Things to Consider when Buying Food Service Mats

Consider these when buying food service mats

Your restaurant mat selection should be determined by the optimum combination of comfort (anti-fatigue), surface design, drainage capacity, quality, and durability, as
well as oil/grease resistance and cleaning regimen.

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American Rescue Plan Restaurant Relief

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. This plan allocated billions of dollars to the Small Business Administration (SBA) to continue previously implemented measures like PPP loans and EIDL loans. One such new program is the Restaurant Relief Revitalization Fund which received $28.6 billion to help struggling businesses in the foodservice industry.

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Standing Desks Can Be Beneficial for School-Aged Kids

NoTrax anti-fatigue mats can work with standing desks to help students perform better
For most adults, the harsh command of “Sit down and be still!”  -- delivered by a childhood teacher -- still echoes down the halls of our school memories. It’s an order reflective of the old standard “children should be seen and not heard.” Today, we understand that promoting classroom interaction and an appropriate amount of movement helps stimulate an active learning environment for kids and that includes standing up for better education – literally.

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