Recessed Tray Door Mats


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  1. 539 Blue
    PVC chemical resistant non slip floor mat for drainage and support
    Model No: 539
    As low as $ 75.00
  2. 266 Gray
    Wayfarer® HD Unbacked
    Outdoor spaghetti looped entrance mat without backing
    Model No: 266
    As low as $ 51.00
  3. 370 Verde Green
    Master Trax®
    Heavy traffic oversized entrance where multiple mats are not desirable
    Model No: 370
    As low as $ 14.00
  4. Master Guard™ Logo Mats
    Indoor/outdoor logo mat promotes brand or message
    Model No: 373
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  5. 371 Steel Blue
    Master Trax® Lite
    Medium traffic oversized entrance where multiple mats is not desirable
    Model No: 371
    As low as $ 12.00
  6. 1 0
    Smart Step™ w/ Arrow Trax®
    Model No: 323
    As low as $ 51.00
  7. Smart Step™ w/ Decalon®
    Interlocking tiles of vinyl and carpet for recessed foyers
    Model No: 325
    As low as $ 50.00

9 Items

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Protect Floors with NoTrax Recessed Tray Mats

Recessed Tray Mats. Recessed tray mats are designed to eliminate the potential for trips and falls resulting from upturned mats. These mats are designed to be installed at the same level as the surrounding floor and will provide reliable traction for pedestrians and maximum accessibility for carts and wheelchairs. Recessed tray mats also incorporate debris scraping and moisture-absorbing properties that will keep lobbies and entryways clean and slip free.

Recessed tray mats from NoTrax are also available in drainage options to accommodate contexts with excess moisture. Drainage mats are designed to allow water to easily pass through the mat in order to keep the mat surface free of moisture accumulation. Recessed tray drainage mats are also designed to dry quickly and resist the proliferation of mildew.

Modular recessed tray mats are also available for facilities with unique layouts. Modular mats utilize interlocking tiles of vinyl and carpet in order to provide comprehensive matting coverage. Modular recessed tray mats not only provide maximum debris scraping and moisture absorption but are also designed to allow excess water to drain into the recessed tray.