Selecting Anti-Fatigue Mats for Wet Areas

NoTrax Matting Features Comparison

To help you find the mat that is best suited to your intended application, this chart compares a variety of anti-fatigue mats designed for wet areas using four categories: traffic, mat type, material, and pattern.

The anti-fatigue mats in the left-hand column of the chart are linked to their respective product pages. Once you find a mat that aligns with your desired specifications, feel free to learn more about the mat by simply clicking on the mat product name.

    Traffic Mat Type Material Pattern
SKU Product Name Light Traffic Medium Traffic Heavy Traffic Stock Sizes Custom Length Avail. Tiles Rubber Nitrile Rubber Vinyl Polyurethane Drainage Holes Pebble    
504 Beveled Drain-Step™                    
544 Comfort Zone™ Black                    
550 Cushion-Ease®                  
619 Drain Lite™                    
523 Modular Lok-Tyle™                    
562 Sanitop® Black                    
T18 Superflow™                    
555 Superflow™ XT ESD                    
T14 Tek-Tough JR® Black                    
T13 Tek-Tough® Black                    
T32 Ultramat®                    
T56 Ultramat® Max Black                    
T56RD Ultramat® Max Red                  


How to Interpret This Chart

Traffic. Traffic refers to the number of people who will regularly walk on the mat or the kind of equipment that will be used on the mat. A light-duty traffic mat has an intended application for restaurant kitchens, food prep, food processing environments; whereas a heavy-duty mat has an intended application for manufacturing plants or assembly lines.

Mat Type. Mat type refers to the size or configuration of a mat. Most mats are available in stock sizes that are intended for general application. For unique layouts, some mats have custom sizing available. Interlocking tile mats are configurable and are a great way to cover a unique area.

Material. Most anti-fatigue mats intended for use in wet areas have a rubber or vinyl construction that offers maximum traction to reduce slips, trips and falls.

Pattern. The pattern refers to the texture or design of the surface of the mat. Anti-fatigue mats with a no-slip design often feature drainage holes that allow water or other liquids to pass through in order to provide traction.