How to Choose the Best Daycare Floor Mats


Are your daycare’s floor mats hostile to germs or do they provide a safe harbor for them? Perhaps your mats have grown dull and dingy with years of use or provide little to no color to promote visual stimulation for the children. NoTrax® daycare mats offer a variety of options both in terms of ease of cleaning and vibrant logo and color options.  

Custom Logo Mat Entrance Mat Superior Impact™ 

Constructed with a dye-injection process for long lasting, vibrant color, the Custom Logo Mat Entrance Mat Superior Impact™ is available in a palette of 22 base colors. A multi-functional entrance mat that stops dirt and debris, this daycare mat adds aesthetic appeal and promotes your brand or message—your logo or, perhaps eye-catching, educational messages or shapes. The mats are printed with a state-of-the-art dye-injection process that is entirely computer controlled. Dye is injected deep into the carpet pile for long-lasting vibrant color that resists fading over time. The mat itself is made from a high quality fiber with a heavy-duty vinyl backing that creates greater surface friction, greatly reducing mat movement on smooth floors such as wood, tile or concrete. 

Shock & Slip Resistant Floor Protector RR Rolls 

Kids can be tough on floors and hard floors can be tough on kids. Shock & Slip Resistant Floor Protector RR Rolls can handle either, providing high-impact durability in addition to being scuff and stain resistant. Made of environmentally-friendly, 100-percent recycled rubber, Protector RR Rolls are slip-resistant in both wet or dry conditions and suitable for indoor applications that require sound absorption, spike resistance and a high degree of traction even when wet.  Protector RR rolls can be laid directly onto the floor with no glue or adhesive required.  

Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles 

Let’s face it—kids can get grimy easily, making your childcare facility a potential hot zone for germs. Our Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles will not harbor or promote bacteria and is scuff and stain resistant. The mat combines anti-fatigue and ergonomic comfort features (perfect for your busy staff) with minimal maintenance and it’s slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions. 

RR Tiles are easy to install and maintain with the built-in interlocking system. For light-duty applications, tiles can be laid directly on the floor with no glue or adhesive. Where there will not be heavy objects like furniture dragged across the floor frequently, double-sided tape at the perimeter and seams is recommended for easy installation. 

As the daycare industry continues to flourish, a focus on safe, bacteria-resistant flooring is of vital concern. Contact a matting solutions professional at NoTrax today to discuss how you can keep your facility safe and germ resistant.