Tips on Choosing a Commercial Bathroom Floor Mat

A commercial bathroom might say more about your company’s values and commitment to excellence than its annual statement. A 2012 survey found “83 percent of Americans believe the condition of a workplace restroom is one indicator of how a company values its workforce.” In 2019, a similar survey found “64 percent of consumers make a conscious decision to choose a business based on the fact that it has cleaner, well-maintained restrooms.” 

Given the importance of maintaining a clean, safe and attractive bathroom, it’s especially vital to analyze the appearance and functionality of every restroom feature—from pristine toilets to attractive fixtures to a sturdy bathroom floor mat. While decisions such as fixture types and layout can get complicated, there’s no reason to “stall” when choosing bathroom floor matting—just look for few key characteristics like:  


Your bathroom mat should—first and foremost—ensure bathroom visitors stay vertical from start to finish. Let’s admit the obvious—many restroom visitors are not so careful when it comes to washing hands,  splashing excess water across the floor.  

Slips, trips and falls represent a significant safety hazard in commercial spaces.  A bathroom floor mat such as the NoTrax® Shock & Slip Resistant Floor Protector RR Rolls, as well as Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles are slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions. Both RR mat solutions are resistant to water-based liquids. 

Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles


And that brings us to hygiene. Unfortunately, not all users are careful   about proper washing or other bathroom procedures. A 2019 study noted about a restroom survey: “Fifty-two bacterial species were identified from the 55 investigated washrooms. Over 97 percent of the pathogenic Staphylococcus [bacteria] tested were resistant to at least...antimicrobial therapeutic agent … and 22.6 percent demonstrated co-resistance to at least three antimicrobial agents.” Thanks to its composition, RR matting will not harbor nor promote bacteria. 


 Change is inevitable and the layout of your bathroom could require re- configuration for a number of reasons—plumbing logistics, new décor or  entire building layout changes.  

RR mats are available in both rolls and interlocking tiles, making them flexible and easy to re-configure to meet any future changes in how your bathroom’s layout. RR interlocking tiles or rolls can be laid directly on a bathroom floor with no glue or adhesive and easily re-configured. Since bathrooms usually do not involve the placement of heavy objects dropped on the ground or equipment being moved or dragged across the floor frequently, double-sided tape at the perimeter and seams can also be used for easy installation. 


Bathroom tiles are in constant use no matter how often the facilities are visited. Your matting solutions require resilience, sound absorption and spike resistance while providing heavy traction, even when wet. RR mats are constructed of 100-percent recycled rubber and are stain and scuff resistant. From a stampede of customers to a parade of steel-toed boot wearing workers, RR mats can handle any challenge.  

Coupled with an eye-pleasing, user-friendly bathroom look, a comprehensive bathroom matting solution really ties the room together and keeps customers and workers happy, safe and a little more hygienic. And for a business owner, that means less revenue is flushed away.  

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