Custom Cut Mats for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Custom length mats designed to fit your indoor or outdoor floor mat needs

At NoTrax, we know not all workspaces are the same size, that's why we provide custom cut floor mats to meet your needs. From convention center entryways and school hallways, to manufacturing operations, NoTrax custom floor mats can be cut to whatever length meets your needs.

Linear matting products are available in lengths of up to 150 feet to accommodate long production lines, aisleways, or any area where one long mat is preferred over several individual mats.

Benefits of Custom Length Floor Mats

  • Custom lengths mats provide long-aisle solutions for non-standard size workstations or entryways
  • Choose from standard mat widths of 2-ft, 3-ft and 4-ft
  • Continuous runs with no valleys for a seamless look – lengths up to 150 feet
  • Choose from beveled or straight edges

Create a custom mat solution by choosing from our wide selection of laminate, foam and carpet custom length mats.

Custom Length Laminate Mats

NoTrax laminate floor mats are designed with durability for standing workers in dry environments such as workstations or assembly lines. Our laminate floor mats feature RedStop™, a uniquely engineered non-slip backing technology that eliminates the sliding of floor mats on smooth surface flooring such as tile, wood, marble and treated concrete.

Custom Length Foam Mats

NoTrax anti-fatigue foam mats are lightweight and extremely comfortable, best suited for dry industrial applications such as workstations or assembly lines. These foam floor mats feature slip-resistant surfaces for sure-footing.

Custom Length Carpet Mats

NoTrax carpet entrance mats help protect against slips, trips and falls by cleaning and drying the soles of shoes upon entry. Durable and long-lasting, these attractive mats are the perfect choice for lobbies and entrance ways.

Custom Length Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Mats

NoTrax electrostatic discharge mats help protect technology and employees from dangerous static discharge. Designed to channel static electricity carried by workers and all our ESD mats can be grounded if needed.

Custom Length Switchboard Mats

NoTrax switchboard mats, similar to ESD matting, is a non-conductive floor matting designed to provide insulation for the worker. The mat prevents the worker from being grounded and eliminates the possibility of an electrical shock. Also available in military-grade specifications.

Custom Length Runner Mats

NoTrax runner mats, are made for long, narrow workspaces and can be cut to nearly any length to fit your space. Runners come in a variety of options: anti-fatigue, rubber, foam, vinyl, and drainage.