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  1. 138 Navy Blue
    Upscale entrance mat that hides dirt and dry's shoes while looking new
    Model No: 138
    As low as $ 42.00
  2. 109 Charcoal
    Brush Step®
    Ribbed pattern entrance mat for cleaning the bottom of shoes
    Model No: 109
    As low as $ 18.00
  3. 105 Brown
    Chevron pattern entrance mat to clean footwear
    Model No: 105
    As low as $ 27.00
  4. 130 Red / Black
    Entrance mat for drying shoes for light to medium traffic areas
    Model No: 130
    As low as $ 21.00
  5. 117 Green
    Heritage Rib™
    High performance double ribbed pattern entrance carpet mat for drying shoes
    Model No: 117
    As low as $ 24.00
  6. 141 Burgundy
    Tough entrance mat to dry shoes to keep floors clean and dry
    Model No: 141
    As low as $ 30.00
  7. 118 Charcoal
    Arrow Trax®
    High performance herringbone pattern entrance mat to combat dirty shoes
    Model No: 118
    As low as $ 39.00
  8. 136 Brown
    Luxurious berber-style entrance mat for an elegant appearance
    Model No: 136
    As low as $ 27.00
  9. 137 Gray
    Scrape, clean and dry the bottom of footwear in one entrance mat
    Model No: 137
    As low as $ 199.00
  10. 132 Navy Blue
    Attractive entrance mat captures dirt and dries shoes in one step
    Model No: 132
    As low as $ 36.00
  11. 131 Brown
    Dense carpet entrance mat for drying shoes to keep floors dry
    Model No: 131
    As low as $ 27.00
  12. Master Guard™ Logo Mats
    Indoor/outdoor logo mat promotes brand or message
    Model No: 373
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  13. 125 Charcoal
    Evergreen Diamond™
    Fashionable entrance mat made with recycled carpet fibers to dry shoes
    Model No: 125
    As low as $ 39.00
  14. 170 Burgundy
    Elegant entrance mat with the classic look of an area rug
    Model No: 170
    As low as $ 136.00
  15. 146 Gray
    Carpet entrance mat to aggressively clean the bottom of shoes
    Model No: 146
    As low as $ 30.00

16 Items

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NoTrax Indoor Entrance Mats Enhance Entryways

Indoor entry mats from NoTrax feature moisture absorbing and debris scraping technology that enables them to create a slip-free environment. These mats are ideal for use in lobbies or entryways in a wide range of commercial and public buildings, including banks, offices, schools, shopping malls, and more. Custom sizing options are available to suit any matting needs.

Indoor entry mats designed for use in commercial buildings can be combined with other entry mats that feature complementary designs. By arranging indoor and outdoor entry mats with moisture absorbing, scraping and drying capabilities, users can ensure that lobbies and entryways are kept clean and safe for personnel and guests.

In addition to absorbing and scraping capabilities, indoor entry mats are also designed to accommodate facilities with varying degrees of usage intensity. Light-traffic mats often feature a low-profile design with a vinyl backing that will help prevent mat slippage. Medium-traffic mats incorporate a durable construction that will continue to perform even after prolonged use in high-traffic areas. Heavy-traffic mats offer a high-performance design that is ideal for the toughest environments.