Floor Protector Mats

  • Mats for Carpet

    Carpeting looks great but wear and tear damages and can ruin a carpet. NoTrax carpet protection mats guard against spills, debris, and other damage. Made from vinyl or absorbent fabric, they’re ideal for high-traffic spaces.

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  • Mats for Hard Surfaces

    Hard-surface flooring pose a constant threat of slippage, particularly when wet. NoTrax offers low-profile absorbent mats with no-residue adhesive designed to resist moisture and debris and keep hard surface flooring clean.

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Featured Products

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    RR Tiles
    Heavy duty rubber tiles for gyms, vending area, locker & rest rooms
    Model No: 050
    As low as $ 69.00

Floor Protector Mats for Carpets and Hard Surfaces

Whether there is a need to safeguard a workshop or industrial facility flooring against spills or prevent general floor damage caused by foot traffic, consider Notrax floor protector mats, interlocking tiles, and rolls.

We have mats to protect carpets from dirt, debris, and moisture, ideal for use in commercial office buildings and residential homes.

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