Hard Surface Floor Protection Mat


Hard Surface Floor Protection Mats

NoTrax offers a range of matting solutions to protect hard surface flooring, including concrete, tile, and hardwood floors. These solutions include mats with absorption to protect against spills, modular rubber platform matting to protect against heavy equipment, and thick rubber matting designed for weight rooms and gyms where heavy weight hitting the ground is common.

We have low-profile absorbent mats backed with a no-residue adhesive ideal for protecting and keeping clean all types of hard surfaces. This feature allows mats to stay in place when needed and easy to reposition or replace as needed. The absorbent quality of these mats makes them suitable for handling oil, solvents, and water-based spills. They are also ADA compliant.

NoTrax offers a range of hard surface floor mats ideal for manufacturing facilities where heavy equipment is operated. These mat tiles are designed to interlock, which can cover a large floor plan.

For a heavy-duty solution, we provide thick mats that can absorb the impact of heavy items that fall on them. These mats are perfect for gyms where free weights are often dropped to the floor.