Industrial Matting


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  1. 411 Black
    Foam anti-fatigue pebble-texture surface
    Model No: 411
    As low as $ 6.00
  2. 409 Black / Yellow
    Textured Cushion Sof-Tred™
    Foam anti-fatigue pebble-texture surface where cost is a concern
    Model No: 409
    As low as $ 220.00
  3. 406 Black / Yellow
    Razorback™ with Dyna-Shield®
    Foam anti-fatigue corrugated surface with highest wear and strength
    Model No: 406
    As low as $ 14.00
  4. 830 Black / Yellow
    Switchboard Matting - Corrugated
    Switchboard mat corrugated mat to provide insulation for the worker
    Model No: 830
    As low as $ 22.00
  5. 539 Blue
    PVC chemical resistant non slip floor mat for drainage and support
    Model No: 539
    As low as $ 75.00
  6. 150 Blue
    Dome molded pattern carpet mat with anti-microbial treatment
    Model No: 150
    As low as $ 51.00
  7. 825 Black / Yellow
    Cushion-Stat™ W/ Dyna-Shield®
    Anti-static PVC durable foam floor mat
    Model No: 825
    As low as $ 24.00
  8. 737 Gray
    Diamond Plate Runner - Vinyl
    Vinyl runner with diamond surface for traction and floor protection
    Model No: 737
    As low as $ 14.00
  9. 549 Black / Yellow
    Safety Stance®
    Heavy duty rubber anti-fatigue mat for industrial oils and chemicals
    Model No: 549
    As low as $ 87.00
  10. 551 Yellow
    M.D. Ramp System®
    Rubber ramp for use with the Cushion-Ease® family of matting products
    Model No: 551
    As low as $ 16.00

Items 1-36 of 252

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NoTrax Industrial Floor Matting Options

NoTrax industrial floor matting is designed for industrial environments. Take the physical size and preferences of the worker into account. Mats provide the right balance between softness for comfort and hardness for stability, as well as traction for anti-slip while allowing freedom of movement.

Industrial Matting That Provides Comfort and Stability

Working conditions and surfaces vary across facilities. It’s important to use the right industrial floor mat for specific applications. NoTrax industrial floor matting applications include anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats, ESD/high-voltage matting, runners and food processing. NoTrax industrial floor mats are suitable across a wide range of different industrial environments.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Matting

  • • Cushioning effect stimulates continuous micro movements
  • • Ergonomic design spreads weight and corrects balance
  • • Slip resistant surface reduces and prevents slips and falls
  • • Beveled edges prevent tripping on the mat
  • • Insulation improves worker comfort and well being
  • • Matting protects floor from damage