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Our experts understand that work environments and conditions aren’t the same across the board. Planning an effective plant layout can increase efficiency and reduce cost. That’s why all our interlocking mat systems are customizable to accommodate a variety of work environments and challenges. Modular mats can be easily installed on-site with snap-together connect mats that can be assembled in any shape, form or configuration.

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Benefits of Using Customized Modular Mats for Workstations

  • Versatile mat tiles add safety and ergonomics to any workspace
  • Interlocking mats come in molded sizes
  • Mats are equipped with cut lines on the underside to quick and easy on-site customizations
  • Over six high-quality rubber compounds are used to fit the demands of different work environments

Use NoTrax interlocking floor mat tiles to create customized matting solutions to fit any size or shape workstation. NoTrax mat tiles are engineered using the highest quality materials in its various signature series of rubber modular matting.



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