De-Flex® Interlocking Floor Mats

Arrange these durable, non-slip interlocking rubber anti-fatigue mats to fit your space.

De-Flex® interlocking rubber floor mats provide the ultimate matting solution for durability, comfort and safety. The unique rubber formulation of our De-Flex heavy-duty rubber tile system is ideal for areas of unavoidable wear and tear and features an extremely strong double-lock technique that will hold even in the most difficult conditions. In addition to it's strength, the De-Flex mat is engineered with bulleted domes beneath the surface to create comfort and allow the mat to bend and flex with every movement.

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Benefits of De-Flex® Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

  • Durability – Thick ¾-in rubber tile holds up to wear and tear, protects the floor, and doesn’t expand and contract like vinyl
  • Safe – The diamond plate design provides workers with more traction, while still allowing them to pivot. The 18 x 18-in interlocking tiles with ramps allow the creation of one continuous floor eliminating trip hazards
  • Ergonomic – The rubber tiles naturally provide more ergonomics than vinyl. To add to this, 144 bullets were placed on the back side, creating more bending and flexing when exposed to a load
  • Easy to Install – Its universal locking system includes no male/female ramps or corners, making planning easy. Interlocking floor tiles are easy to handle and lightweight, allowing for more customization around objects and corners

Prolonged standing on the job can be a real pain. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 53,000 foot injuries per year cause missed work. Anti-fatigue matting provides an ergonomic solution. But not all industrial workplaces are sized or shaped the same. Placing mats beside each other can result in uneven flooring. Employees may roll their ankles or trip. NoTrax De-Flex interlocking floor mats provide a customizable solution configured to your specific workspace needs.

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At NoTrax, we know it can be difficult to decide on a product when shopping for interlocking mat solutions for your workspace. If you need additional guidance our team of professionals is available and can give you more information on specifications and recommendations for your space, or you can request a free sample of the original De-Flex and experience what the highest level of comfort in modular anti-fatigue matting feels like firsthand.

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