What Is Anti-Static ESD Mat Flooring & When to Use It?

Most people have experienced an electrostatic discharge (ESD) during their lifetime. It’s what happens when you walk with socks on carpet or rub a balloon in your hair. And while these actions are mostly harmless, ESD can wreak severe havoc on a variety of industrial and technical equipment. In these cases, that tiny shock from your finger can turn into a disaster costing thousands. In fact, according to the ESD Association, sudden electrostatic discharge can reach up to 15,000 volts – enough to damage delicate electronic equipment in an instant.

The science behind ESD is simple: When one object contacts another, electrons move around and charge up the touched object. At some point, the recipient of those electrons touches something that’s been grounded and can conduct electricity. At that point, the electrons fly into the new object and you end up with ESD.

As you may have guessed, many products have emerged over the past century to battle the shocking effects of ESD. Yet few have proven as effective as the humble anti-static mat. The best anti-static mats provide peak protection to any office or industrial floor. An anti-static mat cuts off the problem from the ground up – ensuring those dangerous electrons stay where they belong.

Is an anti-static mat necessary?

Anti-static mats are essential in several industries. Not only can static electricity harm sensitive technologies, it can create potentially fatal accidents in some industries. Static dissipative mats can be found in many places, such as: computer repair shops, assembly lines, healthcare offices, computer server rooms, auto shops, and anywhere flammable materials are utilized like chemical laboratories or manufacturing facilities.

While there are dozens of anti-static options, a number of floor/office managers have found matting to be most effective means of diverting ESDrelated issues. In fact, MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories found ESD rubber flooring offers the highest level of ESD protection and remains effective regardless of what kind of footwear a user may have on.

The effectiveness of an anti-static mat boils down to Ohms (electrical resistance). Static dissipative matting provides an electrical resistance range of 106 – 109 Ohms. ESD flows in a slower manner when compared to conductive matting (which drains ESD faster with a lower Ohms rate). The bottom line is, there are several ways you can protect your equipment; ESD matting has been proven to deliver the best results for the money.  

The NoTrax Solution

When it comes to quality ESD protection, NoTrax shields your precious, expensive equipment from the ground up. Our mats serve to dissipate the static buildup from anyone working on them and help to curb the static buildup in the surrounding environment. Currently, we offer five solutions to cover your most common anti-static mat needs. Some of our ESD mats require grounding cords, which are available for all models, and some do not.

Anti-Fatigue Mat Cushion-Stat™ W/ Dyna-Shield® 825

The NoTrax’s Anti-Fatigue Mat Cushion-Stat™ W/ Dyna-Shield® 825 combines the best in anti-fatigue matting with the pinnacle of ESD protection. Featuring beveled edges on all sides, the 825 provides amazing traction with a non-directional pebble-embossed top surface; and that ensures both ease of cleaning and safer footing. Manufactured for medium-duty, dry-work areas, NoTrax’s Dyna-Shield® PVC foam takes matting to the next level with superior tear resistance and greater tensile strength. Ohm stats: RG 10⁶ - 10⁹ Ω; RP 10⁶ - 10⁹ Ω.

Custom-Cut Anti-Static Mat Anti-Stat P.O.P.™ 827

The Custom-Cut Anti-Static Mat Anti-Stat P.O.P.™ 827 is a specialized model providing a static-free workplace that protects both employees and sensitive equipment. For example, the 827 can connect tables/work surfaces, employees and conductive material to a common grounding point, creating a balance to drive ESD to the ground in a controlled manner. With a smooth top surface of microcellular vinyl foam, the 827 is abrasion resistant and easily wipes clean. Ohm Tech Details: Meets EOS/ESD-S4, measured resistance Rg 10⁷ Ω and Rp 10⁸ Ω. Electrostatic charge (walking test), meets ISO6356 and EN1815.

Smooth Stat™ Anti-Static Mat 926

Like Model 826, the Smooth Stat™ Anti Static Mat 926 is constructed with a dense, closed-cell foam base leveraging NoTrax’s exclusive UniFusion™ technology. Smooth Stat is a dissipative/anti-static mat with a durable, vinyl, smooth-top surface to provide comfort and ergonomic support. Like all NoTrax laminate floor mats, the 926 includes RedStop, a uniquely engineered non-slip backing technology that eliminates the slipping and sliding of floor mats on smooth surface flooring such as vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet, and ceramic tile. Note: A ground cord is required and included. Ohm Tech Details: RG 10⁴ - 10⁶ Ω; RP 10⁴ - 10⁶ Ω

SD Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mat Skystep™ 457

Step up to the next generation of anti-static mat with the SD Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mat Skystep™ 457. The Skystep is a standalone, static dissipative, rubber mat designed for individual workstations. True to its lofty name, the Skystep ESD uses the power of air, designed to suction to the ground. This unique feature prevents shifting while trapping air in its chambers. As a bonus, the air pockets combine with the mat’s resilient, heavy-duty, natural rubber compound to create a peak experience in cushioning and anti-fatigue. Ohm Technical Details: RG 10⁵ - 10⁷ Ω; RP 10⁵ - 10⁷ Ω.

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With more than 70 years of industry service, NoTrax and its team members are committed to bringing your operations world-class, quality solutions. With NoTrax’s exclusive line of anti-static matting solutions, electrostatic discharge doesn’t stand a chance in your workplace or on your factory floor.  Shop all our anti-static ESD products.

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