Shoe Sanitizer System 355 | 3 Zone Mat


Keep Sensitive Areas Clear

It's never been easier to disinfect shoes with this 3-zone shoe sanitizer system. Our disinfectant shoe mat not only will safely clean and sanitize shoes, but quickly dry them the moment you step out. Shop Now


3-Zone Shoe Sanitizer System

The shoe sanitizer system comes with instructional messaging, making it ideal for entrances for schools, businesses, facilities, and even homes. The system contains adhesive backed disposable carpets for quick and easy cleaning and installation. Disinfecting shoes provides the peace of mind by reducing the amount of bacteria and virus spread from the soles of shoes.

  • Cleaning Zone 1 acts as the shoe scraper to help remove dirt, grime and organic matter to better sanitize shoes.
  • Disinfecting Zone 2 has a removable tray to be filled with a disinfect mat solution. While saturating the bottom of shoe soles, the mat insert has fibers help guide the solution into deep shoe treads.
  • Drying Zone 3 uses a highly absorbent berber to provide quick drying and slip prevention after disinfecting shoes.
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3-Zone Sanitation System Highlights

The NoTrax 3-zone shoe sanitizer system is simple, safe, and effective. With a easy-to-understand disinfectant process and a vinyl backing to prevent slips and trips, you can be sure contaminants are kept outside of any sensitive areas. Safety is the No. 1 priority with all of our NoTrax mat solutions and the 3-zone sanitizer system is engineered with low profile bevels prevent users from catching their foot wear on the edges of the mat. Made in the USA, the replaceable scraper and carpet zones are eco-friendly and made from recycled plastics.


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