Entrance Mats Reduce Cleaning Costs & Injury

Did you know, approximately 85% of all dirt enters a facility on the feet of its occupants? Shop Now


Entrance mats don't just set the stage for your facility or make a great first impression—they're infinitely practical, as well. Keeping floors in tip-top-shape and maintaining flooring is an often overlooked and expensive part of owning a business. Dirt and debris tracked in your facility can cause scratched floors, staining, uneven wear, and other issues that could be avoided by utilizing NoTrax entrance mat solutions.

Entrance mats don't just help to keep your facility clean, they can help prevent trips and slips on a wet or cold day, too. Slips and falls are responsible for approximately 30 percent of employee absences. You can reduce the instances of injury in your buildings by utilizing our slip resistant entrance matting for more traction throughout your facility.

Benefits of Entrance Mats for Your Business

  • No matter the use, commercial or industrial, entrance mats improve facility safety
  • Reduce floor damage and maintenance costs
  • Create a positive first impression and promote business
  • Prevent injuries due to slips in wet or cold weather

Our entrance mats come in a variety of brushes, thicknesses, patterns, and colors – you can even customize your entrance mat with a company logo or slogan.

Best Sellers

  1. 151 Charcoal
    Diamond CTE™
    Diamond pattern that is raised and crushproof for light traffic
    Model No: 151
    As low as $ 23.00
  2. 166 Charcoal
    Waffle pattern that is raised and crushproof to clean bottom of shoes
    Model No: 166
    As low as $ 26.00
  3. 109 Charcoal
    Brush Step®
    Ribbed pattern entrance mat for cleaning the bottom of shoes
    Model No: 109
    As low as $ 18.00
  4. 118 Charcoal
    Arrow Trax®
    High performance herringbone pattern entrance mat to combat dirty shoes
    Model No: 118
    As low as $ 39.00