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Many food manufacturing factories must maintain cold temperatures to preserve food during cleaning, preparation and packaging. Food production matting help elevate standing workers above cold, wet floors, providing the optimum combination of comfort, anti-slip surface, drainage capacity, quality and durability, as well as oil and grease resistance.

Designed to yield a long service life, all NoTrax food processing mats are made of a tough yet resilient nitrile rubber compound resistant to vegetable oils and greases. Featuring aggressively slip-resistant surfaces, food processing matting is suitable for wet, dry and greasy environments. Drainage mats offer ergonomic comfort along with instant evacuation of fluids.

To prevent cross-contamination from reaching sensitive areas within food manufacturing plants, use disinfectant sanitation food production mats. Mats resist most chemicals and variations in temperature and are ideal for doorways, starter rooms, packaging rooms, laboratories and any place where the spread of contamination needs to be limited.

Benefits of Food Production Mats for Your Business

  • Provides superior ergonomic comfort and traction in wet or greasy areas
  • Manufactured with MicroStop® - anti-microbial rubber compound that inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Large drainage holes remove liquid and debris from worker platforms

From general food prep to advanced food processing, NoTrax has a mat to fit your situation and help keep your team safe.

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