15 ft Rule


Up to 80% of interior soil is brought into facilities from foot traffic. The utilization of entrance floor matting ensures that the majority of dirt will be stopped at the entrance and will not build up on floors or be carried further into the facility.

It has been recommended that at least 15 ft of matting is required to remove the majority of dirt and debris from foot traffic. 15 ft of matting ensures that each foot will make contact with the matting at least 3 times providing adequate scraping and drying to stop most dirt and moisture at the entrance.

This can reduce floor maintenance costs and the need for cleaning chemicals significantly. Matting also extends the life of the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse. Furthermore, entrance matting also reduces the risk of slips and falls due to wet and slippery floors.

15 ft Rule

The 15 ft of matting can consist of a single mat, or for a true high-performance entrance matting system, several mats with unique functionality that are typically used together and address the three major zones of an entrance.

Zone 1

The first zone is where a majority of the scraping occurs catching the first wave of heavy debris with up to 40% of dirt/moisture being removed from shoes. This zone often times starts outside the entrance using matting with heavy weather-resistant materials and fibers to remove much of the debris before it enters the facility.

Zone 2

The second zone continues the scraping process targeting finer particles and debris while starting the moisture absorption process. These mats typically combine a tough scraping carpet fiber with a more absorbent fiber to enable the dual process in a single mat. This zone is either a foyer entryway or the area just inside the entrance to the facility. 

Zone 3

The third and final zone completes the drying and cleaning process with virtually all dirt and moisture removed from shoes. Mats used in this zone are made of softer more absorbent fibers to ensure that all moisture and debris has been thoroughly removed. This zone begins just after zone 2 inside the entrance.

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