Selecting Floor Mats for Assembly Production Lines


Jobs that require long periods of standing—like assembly line positions—can not only cause fatigue-related illness, but also place employees in danger of slips, trips and falls. 

According to a research study, standing for long periods of time on the job can be hazardous to our health: “Prolonged standing at work has been shown to be associated with a number of potentially serious health outcomes, such as lower back and leg pain, cardiovascular problems, fatigue, discomfort, and pregnancy related health outcomes.” 
Assembly line floor mat

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety adds: “Anti fatigue mats are often used to decrease foot and lower limb disorders for workers who stand in one position for long periods.” 

Of course, when someone is fatigued, the risks of falling or slipping also increases, which compounds health hazards as well as absenteeism. The CDC notes: “You can slip when you lose your footing, you can trip when you catch your foot on or in something, and you fall when you come down suddenly. Spills, ice, snow, rain, loose mats, rugs, and stepladders are some of the common causes of slips, trips, and falls.” Even if workers are not fatigued, assembly lines can easily become wet or covered with debris due to heavy worker activity and foot traffic.  

According to OSHA, slips trips and falls comprise around 25 percent of all reported workplace injury claims—one of the most frequently reported.  

Industrial floor mats (especially workstation mats) should offer the highest level of anti-fatigue and non-slip value. NoTrax® supplies a wide selection of industrial floor mats appropriate for virtually any assembly-line configuration. Choosing the best industrial floor mats will benefit the health and safety of your workers. Let’s review three of our most effective product lines: Dura Trax, Bubble Trax and Cushion Trax. 

Dura Trax® 

Dura Trax offers the ultimate in comfort and durability for industrial environments in which workers must stand for long time periods or may face potential slipping hazards. Dura Trax is available in three models based on mat thickness needs: Anti-Fatigue Mat Dura Trax® 490, Anti-Fatigue Mat Dura Trax® Ultra™ 976, and Anti-Fatigue Mat Dura Trax® Grande™ 990 

All models are constructed of 100% recycled materials. The nitrile rubber top surface provides a softer and more comfortable work surface while the diamond-plate design offers greater slip resistance and is simple to sweep or mop clean.  

In addition, Dura Trax features a dense sponge backing utilizing NoTrax-exclusive UniFusion™ technology, virtually eliminating de-lamination. Dura Trax is also equipped with REDSTOP™, a uniquely engineered, non-slip backing technology that eliminates the mat slippage on smooth-surface floors such as vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet and ceramic tile. Sloped beveled edges reduce tripping hazards and allow easy access on and off the mat.  

In addition, the rubber surface of the mat resists exposure to sparks, making it the perfect choice for welding applications, and the UniFusion™ bond is guaranteed for the life of the mat. 

Bubble Trax® 

Don’t let the bubbly name fool you—our Bubble Trax anti-fatigue product line is serious about fighting fatigue and slipping hazards.  

This model line is also available in three options based on thickness needs: Anti-Fatigue Mat Bubble Trax® 482, Anti-Fatigue Mat Bubble Trax® Ultra™ 782 and Anti Fatigue Mat Bubble Trax® Grande™ 982. 

With beveled edges on all four sides, Bubble Trax’s heavy-duty, vinyl bubble top surface combines with a dense-closed cell, PVC foam base that takes comfort to a new level. Like all models, its UniFusion™ bond is guaranteed for the life of the mat and each is manufactured with a Redstop™ backing to reduce mat slippage on smooth surface flooring such as tile, wood, marble, and treated concrete. Finally, Bubble Trax is certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute). 

Cushion Trax® 

Welcome to the major leagues of comfort—welcome to Cushion Trax. Like other models this mat is available in multiple options depending on thickness: Anti-Fatigue Workstation Mat Cushion Trax® 479 and Anti-Fatigue Mat Cushion Trax® Ultra™ 975. 

Cushion Trax® tackles the toughest requirements of today’s industrial applications. It’s specially designed for multi-shift operations in dry work areas where the worker is standing for prolonged periods of time. 

Like Dura Trax, Cushion Trax offers a heavy-duty, vinyl diamond-plate design for non-directional traction and is easy to clean. Like other anti-fatigue mats, its top surface is combined with a dense closed cell foam base utilizing the NoTrax exclusive UniFusion™ technology. 

As technology advances, assembly-line operations may change, but the need for healthy, comfortable matting solutions to prevent fatigue and falls among long-standing employees will continue to remain a vital need on your industrial floor. Contact NoTrax today to discover how to best protect your most important resource.