RedStop™ Non-Slip Mat Coating


Stop Mats From Sliding with NoTrax's RedStop™ Anti-Slip Feature

RedStop LogoThe slipping and sliding of mats on your workplace floor is not just a nuisance—it can be deadly. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, slips, trips, and falls account for nearly “700 fatalities per year and many more injurious accidents in the workplace.”

NoTrax’s RedStop technology raises the “Stop Sign” to the slipping and sliding of our floor mats on a wider variety of smooth floor surfaces, including vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet, and ceramic tile. By providing enhanced friction between the mat’s underside and a clean, dry surface, RedStop anchors the mat in place without leaving a sticky residue behind. RedStop is included on all NoTrax laminated floor mats for industrial and commercial use.

The Power of RedStop

To better understand the power of Redstop, let’s dive into the details of mat slippage. Slip resistance helps provide stability between the matting surface and the person standing or walking on it. Mat slippage refers to the movement of the mat with regard to the surface under it, often found in places with smooth, treated or sealed floor surfaces. Think of it this way—if the mat were a tectonic plate, the floor underneath would be magma, and mat slippage would be an earthquake. When does mat slippage occur? Usually when the user steps onto or off of the mat. As expected, smaller mats placed at a workstation would be more likely to slip as opposed to larger mats with wider weight distribution.

A Guide to Mat Slip Resistance

Like any industrial process, mat movement or slippage can be quantified, tested, and evaluated based on a specific benchmark known in the industry as the Coefficient of Friction (COF). COF measures the ratio of the force of friction between two separate things and the force pressing them together. COF is dependent on the materials used. For example, ice on steel would have a low COF—rubber on pavement has a high COF (which explains why tires are made of rubber and not steel!). A COF may range from almost zero to more than 1. Thus, the higher the COF number, the higher degree of friction or slip resistance.

OSHA recommends a coefficient of at least .5 as a guide to reach optimal slip resistance for floor surfaces, based on academic studies providing a guide to achieve resilient slip resistance. Tasks such as moving or carrying larger objects may require a higher COF. In addition, COF can vary depending on conditions such as temperature and humidity. Finally, the weight pressing the mat to the floor, as well as the condition of the floor surface with regards to wetness or oiliness, can affect COF.

The RedStop Difference

RedStop technology boosts NoTrax floor matting to at least double the OSHA-recommended COF with an average COF of 1.25—a 56 percent higher COF compared to our competitors. NoTrax matting solutions with RedStop have been tested on a wide variety of flooring surfaces, including vinyl composite tile, vinyl flooring, painted concrete, epoxy coated concrete, carpeting, and ceramic tile across several temperature variables. In addition, select RedStop mats are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)—a more stringent standard than OSHA.

RedStop Solutions

NoTrax matting solutions deploying RedStop Non-Slip technology include:

  1. 479 Black / Yellow
    Cushion Trax®
    Diamond-plate surface anti-fatigue mat. NoTrax Best Seller
    Model No: 479
    As low as $ 36.00
  2. 490 Black / Yellow
    Dura Trax®
    High performance anti-fatigue mat for ulimate comfort
    Model No: 490
    As low as $ 50.00
  3. 975 Gray
    Cushion Trax® Ultra™
    Diamond-plate surface 3/4" thick anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 975
    As low as $ 42.00
  4. 979 Black / Yellow
    Saddle Trax®
    Full 1" thick diamond-plate top surface for ultimate anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 979
    As low as $ 54.00
  5. 976 Black / Yellow
    Dura Trax® Ultra™
    Thicker high performance anti-fatigue mat for ulimate comfort
    Model No: 976
    As low as $ 52.00
  6. 990 Black
    Dura Trax® Grande™
    Thickest high performance anti-fatigue mat for ulimate comfort
    Model No: 990
    As low as $ 76.00
  7. 482 Black / Yellow
    Bubble Trax®
    Bubble-top surface anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 482
    As low as $ 62.00
  8. 782 Black / Yellow
    Bubble Trax® Ultra™
    Bubble-top surface 3/4" thick anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 782
    As low as $ 62.00
  9. 982 Gray
    Bubble Trax® Grande™
    Full 1" thick bubble-top surface for ultimate anti-fatigue mat
    Model No: 982
    As low as $ 70.00
  10. 470 Blue
    Marble Sof-Tyle™
    Smooth marble-pattern anti-fatigue mat for ergonomic comfort
    Model No: 470
    As low as $ 60.00
  11. 970 Black
    Marble Sof-Tyle™ Grande™
    1" thick smooth marble-pattern anti-fatigue mat for ergonomic comfort
    Model No: 970
    As low as $ 68.00

479, 490,975,979,976,990,480,980,482,782,982,474,974,470,970,477,977,927,480,826,926

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