Commercial Kitchen Floor Mat Options

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 22 percent of workplace slip and fall incidents result in up to 31 days of missed work. Commercial kitchens and other food-processing facilities are especially ripe for accidents due to spilled water, dropped food debris or oil and grease.  

In addition, regulations require restaurants and other food-industry facilities to maintain strict floor cleaning protocols, creating another potential for slippery conditions.   

Deploying kitchen floor mats can not only mitigate slip-and-fall risks, but also provide anti-fatigue comfort to workers who must stand for long periods of time. NoTrax® mats for kitchen floors can handle more intensive cleanings without breaking down as quickly, keeping your employees safe and your food-service business running smoothly. 

Best Commercial Kitchen Mat Solutions

Raised Interlocking Drainage Mat Ultramat® 

A lightweight, modular, anti-fatigue mat system, Ultramat features molded-in mat connectors for easy on-site custom configurations and longer lengths. Its anti-slip surface area maximizes traction in wet or greasy areas while its multi-nib backing provides anti-fatigue support of the mat.  

As liquids cover the floor throughout the day, Ultramat’s large hole design provides next-level drainage that diverts liquids and debris away the worker’s standing area platform. Ultramat is constructed of lightweight, general-purpose rubber making it easy to handle. 

Red Interlocking Drainage Mat Ultramat® Max 

The name says it all, Ultramat® Max is the more rugged big brother to the Ultramat. Constructed of a resilient rubber compound, Ultramat Max is for heavy duty use and sports greater resistance to grease and oils. Molded-in mat connectors allow for simple configurations for any floor area. Offering the same superior drainage and anti-fatigue benefits of its little brother, Ultramat Max also has an available beveled ramp system to reduce trip hazards, allowing for easy access. Finally, Ultramat Max is manufactured with MicroStop anti-microbial rubber compound (in red only). 

Drainage Anti-Fatigue Mat Optimat® 

Also true to its name, Optimat optimizes kitchen floor safety with a unique honeycomb design that results in top-notch drainage to remove liquids and debris from under workers’ feet. Made from a 100 percent heavy-duty Nitrile rubber compound, Optimat is one of our top kitchen mats when it comes to grease and oil resistance. NSF tested and certified, Optimat is also manufactured with MicroStop® anti-microbial rubber compound.  

Reversible Drainage Anti-Fatigue Mat Superflow™ 

A superhero in the kitchen, Superflow is designed for lightweight use as both an anti-fatigue workstation mat and a non-slip kitchen mat. Superflow’s secret superpower? It’s reversible, extending the life of the mat. With a tough, textured top surface, Superflow offers additional traction in wet or greasy areas. Its drainage system helps whisk away liquids and debris from the work area while molded-in beveled edges reduce tripping hazards.

Large Drainage Hole Anti-Fatigue Mat Challenger™ 

Wet, debris-covered floors are no challenge for the Challenger, a lightweight anti-fatigue mat made of natural rubber. A large hole drainage configuration removes liquids and debris, while its lightweight construction makes it easy to handle.  

Red Drainage Anti-Fatigue Mat San-Eze® 

San-Eze® II is the champion of kitchen mats. Made from a 100-percent heavy-duty Nitrile rubber compound, San-Eze is the heaviest-duty, lightest-weight food service mat on the market—the Ferrari of mats. NSF tested and certified, San-Eze II is specially formulated for top-shelf ergonomic comfort and traction in wet or greasy areas. Like many other models, San-Eze II is manufactured with MicroStop anti-microbial rubber compound. 

Find Food Service Industry Solutions

In addition to these  non-slip, anti-fatigue kitchen champions, NoTrax offers a growing menu of food-processing products including cutting boards. Contact us to cook up a safer food-processing facility.