Made in the USA

American minds, American spirit, American sweat!

Have you ever noticed our advertisements or product packaging sometimes say, “Proudly made in the USA of US and imported parts”? When we shorten to “Made in the USA,” we usually include an asterisk to footnote and explain the bit about US and imported parts. Why do we give this qualification? It’s out of a commitment to thorough honesty and transparency.

Justrite Safety Group is the parent company of several unique portfolio brands. We have 11 manufacturing facilities located in North America, from Broomfield, Colorado to Wilkesboro, North Carolina—and even more US locations when you include offices and warehouses. We have thousands of products. When you multiply the number of subcomponents used in production of our final products, the number gets really big. We rely on many suppliers, most based in America. We use the asterisk to denote the truth in likelihood that any one of our products may have a foreign-made component.

While each of our portfolio brands has its own story, the namesake Justrite brand and business started in Chicago in 1906 when Theodore Roosevelt was president, extolling ideas of “…best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” We think making safety products is worth every effort, exertion, and bead of sweat. Justrite’s manufacturing is in Mattoon, Illinois at a facility that was once a shoe factory.

Most products made by Eagle and Justrite are either steel or plastic. Both the steel and the resin to make the plastics are created by, and purchased from, US companies.

In Titusville, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the American oil industry, we manufacture products that literally protect American soil. Our rugged polymer ground-protection mats help prevent wheel ruts and soil damage when heavy equipment traverses across the job site.

In 1894, Eagle Manufacturing started in the beautiful landscape along the Ohio River of Wellsburg, WV, predominantly as a glass manufacturer. Today we no longer manufacture glass, but steel and plastic products on that same American soil. Literally, generations of American workers have dedicated themselves to making quality safety products in the service of keeping customers safe.

“Eagle Manufacturing has been an absolute pillar of Wellsburg, Brooke County, and all of West Virginia since it was founded back in 1894,” said West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. “Just think about how long 127 years truly is. To make it that long as a business, it takes a quality organization, made up of great leaders and workers alike. It also takes the total buy-in of the local community. In many ways, Eagle is the heartbeat of Wellsburg. They represent West Virginia values like hard work, perseverance, and dedication and should be incredibly proud of all they’ve accomplished.”

- Jim Justice, Governor, West Virginia

In Moselle, Mississippi, and in Bedford Park, Illinois our NoTrax team manufactures safety anti-fatigue and carpeted floor mats that give workers who stand on their feet all day some protection from an otherwise unforgiving concrete or tiled floor. In addition to warding off fatigue, our mats help prevent slips, trips, and falls. You’ve probably wiped your feet on one of our carpeted entrance mats.

In Broomfield, Colorado our Checkers business makes wheel chocks, vehicle warning whips, and cable/hose protectors. If you’ve ever been to a large outside entertainment event, like a concert or a county fair, chances are you’ve walked across one of our cable protectors. If you’ve looked under the wheels of parked heavy vehicles, you may have noticed one of our chocks. These humble products save lives by preventing unintended roll-away incidents.

At our U.S. Chemical Storage plant, located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Wilkes County – birthplace of NASCAR®, located on the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we design, cut, grind, weld, paint, and thus build, steel chemical storage buildings so our customers can safely store their hazardous materials. These buildings ship out of our facility on trucks to businesses in a variety of sectors from pharmaceuticals, to technology, to food processing plants. Chemicals are used in virtually every industrial environment. Safe storage is non-negotiable.

“To have a company like U.S. Chemical Storage based here in Wilkes County is a point of pride,” stated Keith Elmore, Chairman of the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners. “They employ some of the best welders in the area to create safe chemical buildings for so many important clients and industries. Their buildings have been utilized in pharmaceutical companies that manufactured vaccines during the pandemic, on U.S. military bases across the globe for troop safety, and in automotive industries that are creating exciting new technologies. U.S. Chemical Storage personifies what American know-how and hard work can do.”

- Keith Elmore, Chairman of the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners

In Anderson, South Carolina we have our Basic Concepts Inc. business where we make spill containment products that help protect the environment. This company was started by a WWII veteran who served with the famed 10th Mountain Division. Today, we provide many of these products to the US military in support of their mission.

In Rhode Island and Florida, AccuformNMC makes safety signs, tags, labels, and other identification products that inform, protect, and motivate the American workforce. Safety messages warn against anything from high voltage dangers, wet floors, unsuspecting equipment pinch points, and much more. Our products have undoubtedly prevented innumerable workplace accidents. Safety starts with awareness, and with over 85 years of identification experience we’ve designed and printed many of the products that lead the way home, safely, each day.

In summary, most of our products sold in the USA are in fact made here; however, it’s very difficult to guarantee that every component of every product, from the paint to the last nut, rivet, or screw, is made in America. Like virtually every manufacturer, we’re not completely vertically integrated. We prioritize US-based sources in our supply chain. We are proud that most of our final assembly— if not the complete assembly—happens on US soil by US workers. Started in America. Stayed in America. Serving America.