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NoTrax industrial mats provide the perfect solution for improving safety and comfort for standing workers. Workplace environments span from dry areas to wet or extremely oily areas. Our industrial mats accommodate the many varieties of workplace conditions that exist as well as unique workplace designs for individual work benches, to large assembly lines or complex manufacturing work stations. Our top industrial mats take the physical size and preferences of the worker into account to provide the right balance of softness, hardness and traction. Mats are available in standard sizes, linear lengths, rolls, interlocking modular systems and custom sizes.

Benefits of Industrial Mats

  • Cushioning effect stimulates continuous micro movements
  • Slip resistant surface reduces and prevents slips and falls
  • Matting protects floor from damage
  • Beveled edges prevent tripping on the mat

Our industrial mats come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Customize your industrial mat to fit your space. Special lengths are available.

Best Sellers

  1. 410 Black / Yellow
    Foam anti-fatigue ribbed surface
    Model No: 410
    As low as $ 6.00
  2. 419 Black / Yellow
    Diamond Sof-Tred™ with Dyna-Shield®
    Foam anti-fatigue diamond surface with highest wear and strength
    Model No: 419
    As low as $ 16.00
  3. 479 Black / Yellow
    Cushion Trax®
    Diamond-plate surface anti-fatigue mat. NoTrax Best Seller
    Model No: 479
    As low as $ 36.00