A Guide to Residential Home Floor Mats

A mat for every area in your home.

Homes can vary wildly in terms of their layout, design, and décor. However, all houses tend to share the same primary areas—kitchen, living room, front porch, etc. Before you host your next summer BBQ, it’s a good idea to reevaluate the areas of the home that might need new matting.

Residential mats are designed to function in a wide range of applications. For example, they can provide traction or moisture absorption for potentially slippery areas, protect surfaces from being scratched or scuffed, provide a comfortable working area or offer an aesthetic appeal.

Opting for cheaper mats for your home might save you money initially, but inexpensive mats often wear out quickly and can end up costing you more money in replacements. Mats from NoTrax are built to hold up in the toughest environments and will outlast cheap imitations—saving you money in the long run.

Find the Right Mat for Each Area of Your Home

Use this area guide to find the right mat for a specific location in your home. Choosing the right mat can help make staff happier and healthier and bring together the experience for your customers. Here is a breakdown of the most common areas of a home and the NoTrax mats that are best suited to those areas. Not all mats are created equal. When people think of mats in their homes they often think of only the entrance. In reality, NoTrax manufactures high-quality durable mats for almost every room and area in a residential space, including, entry mats, anti-fatigue mats, gym mats, runners, outdoor mats, non-slip mats, and others.

Choosing the right mat for the right place can maximize a mat’s efficacy and lifespan. Here is a breakdown of the most common areas of the home and descriptions of the mats best suited to those areas.

Outside Entrance Mats

Exterior mats are ideal for use in residential entrance ways, front door areas, and patios. Because outdoor mats are subjected to the elements, direct sunlight, and temperature fluctuations, it is essential to select a mat that is designed to function in outdoor environments.

Outdoor entrance mats are also designed to begin the scraping process by trapping dirt and debris before they can enter the home. Some entrance mats have rigid bristles that serve to dislodge substances that are trapped on the bottoms of shoes and keep the inside of your house clean.

Indoor Entrance Mats (Front Door/Mudroom)

Indoor entrance mats function best in conjunction with exterior entrance mats that have begun the debris trapping process. There is a wide range of indoor entrance mats available with various aesthetic themes and functional applications.

Mats designed to dry the bottoms of shoes are ideal for indoor residential entranceways because they prevent water from being tacked inside. Some indoor entrance mats also offer increased traction that will help to reduce trips and falls due to wet surfaces.