Areas in a School That Would Benefit from Floor Mats

A mat for every area in your school.

Even though schools can vary in size, layout and design, they typically share the same basic areas. All schools tend to have an entrance area, classrooms, cafeteria etc. Schools are also highly trafficked areas where students, teachers, and administrators constantly move from place to place.

As many schools across the country look to reopen their on-site activities, there has never been a better time to assess whether your school or school district uses proper matting. Mats can be deployed in many areas of a school to minimize injury and help facilitate operations. NoTrax is the industry leader in matting solutions for commercial, public and industrial buildings. Mats from NoTrax can help make your school safer for students and personnel.

Find the Right Mat for the Right Place

Choosing the right mat for the right place can maximize a mat’s efficacy and lifespan. To effectively trap dirt and debris before it can enter your building, it is best to follow the 15 ft rule. The 15 ft rule says that each shoe will meet with a mat at least three times before encountering the floor of the building.

The 15 ft of matting can be either a single, continuous mat or—for a better result—a series of three mats can be used. Here is a breakdown of the most common areas of a school and a description of the mats that are best suited to those areas.

Exterior Entrances

Exterior entrance mats are ideal for the front entrance area of a school. These durable mats are often constructed with rigid bristles that begin the scrapping process by dislodging dirt or debris from the bottoms of shoes.

Exterior mats from NoTrax are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. These mats will help to minimize slips and falls by providing traction for students and visitors. Exterior mats can also help keep moisture out of lobbies and interior entrance areas by absorbing water before entering a building.

Indoor Entrances and Lobby

For lobbies or other interior entrance areas, interior entrance mats are the ideal solution. These mats are designed to continue the scrapping and drying process begun by exterior mats in order to prevent slips and falls. There are a wide range of interior entrance mats available with various themes and functional applications.

Interior entrance mats with moisture absorbing capabilities will help prevent water from being tracked inside, which, in turn, will lead to a reduction in injuries resulting from slips and falls. These mats are also designed to help keep lobbies and other entrance areas clean by trapping dirt and debris.


NoTrax offers a variety of mats designed for offices. Floor protection matting helps to prevent floors from being damaged by office chairs. These mats allow for freedom of movement while simultaneously protecting floors.

Anti-fatigue matting is also ideal for office areas where staff or teachers are required to stand for long periods of time. These mats provide a comfortable working area that will help to reduce strain on backs and knees.

Nurse’s Office

In a school facility, the nurse’s office is typically located somewhere near the main office. A smaller entrance mat leading into these areas will offer students and staff traction. Mats with antimicrobial properties are also well suited to these areas since they are designed to absorb contaminants from the bottoms of shoes.

Restroom and Hallways

Restrooms and hallways can often become slippery because of standing water or other liquids. The tile flooring that is typically used in these parts of a school can make restrooms and hallways particularly dangerous. Anti-slip matting at the entrance of a restroom will help reduce slips and falls for students and staff.

For hallway areas, runner mats can be custom designed to cover nearly any length. These mats are helpful for absorbing moisture and other debris that can accumulate over the course of a school day. Runner mats and entrance mats in a hallway area can also prevent liquid from rain or spills from causing slips and falls.


Libraries are large areas in a school facility and can sometimes even be multiple stories. The entrances and exits of a school library often lead directly outside. Because of this, it is important to place entrance mats in these areas that will prevent moisture and debris from being tracked in.

Runner mats and hallway mats with custom lengths are also ideal for libraries. These mats can be placed between rows of books to offer support and traction for students as they browse book titles.