Floor Mat Options for Troubleshooting Slippery Areas

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, slips, trips, and falls cause nearly “700 fatalities per year and many more injurious accidents in the workplace.” For industries that work with materials or chemicals such as oils, solvents or water, the chances of slipping injuries can rise dramatically as floors can become covered with such materials as part of normal operations. From food service businesses to warehouses, even the most safety-conscious companies will wind up with a slippery floor situation at some point—perhaps a spill is improperly cleaned up or some parts of a floor become worn down and slick with overuse.  

Mats for slippery floors can help prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace while also offering relief for potential fatigue issues for workers who must stand for many hours. NoTrax™ offers matting solutions for both single areas and longer runs of floor space for hallways or aisles with mats constructed of durable compounds coupled with anti-fatigue features.

Floor Mats for Single Workstations

Safety Stance Mats

Safety Stance not only provides comfort for workers, but also features a large drain-hole configuration that resists clogging. Raised mini-diamond studs on the top surface minimize slippage while the resilient, natural rubber compound withstands common industrial cutting oils and chemicals. Permanently affixed, beveled edges are constructed of a 100-percent Nitrile rubber compound that also offers further resistance to oils and chemicals and are permanently affixed to the mat to prevent swelling or curling. Available with three-sided or four-sided borders.  

Sanitop® Mats

Sanitop® is a drainage, anti-fatigue mat that can withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip-resistant surface, all thanks to its durable, rubber-compound design. Sanitop deploys varying degrees of grease and oil protection with options for general purpose (black) or heavy-duty Nitrile (red) rubber compounds. Liquids don’t stand a chance with Sanitop and its large and small holed drainage systems to chase liquid and debris away from the work area. In addition, molded beveled edges on all four sides eliminate tripping hazards. 

Cushion-Ease® Mats

Cushion-Ease® is the rock star of mats—an interlocking, anti-fatigue system constructed of a robust, rubber compound. Designed specifically to address slippery floors, Cushion-Ease features a drainage-top, anti-slip surface texture and a multi-nib backing for comfort and ergonomic support. Large holes provide excellent drainage and aeration, leaving a dry, clean work area. All Cushion-Ease series mats have a male/female interlocking system for individual workstations, unique configurations and wall-to-wall floors.  

Non-Slip and Anti Fatigue Runner Mats  

Cushion-Dek™ Mats

Cushion-Dek enhances traction with a raised pyramid design and slotted perforations to allow proper liquid drainage from the worker platform. Constructed of a PVC compound, Cushion-Dek also has a studded bottom surface that raises the mat and allows for further channeling of moisture. Available in roll sizes: 2®'x 30'; 3'x 30'; 4'x 30' and custom lengths of 2', 3' and 4' widths (up to 30' long) enhances traction with a raised pyramid design and slotted perforations to allow proper liquid drainage from the worker platform. 

Diamond Flex-Lok™ Mats

Diamond Flex-Lok combines the durability and toughness of an industrial mat with next-level ergonomic support and comfort. A multi-tiered footing design elevates the Diamond Flex-Lok mat off the floor, creating air pockets that allow the mat to flex with the weight of the worker. As with other mats, the large-hole drainage system chases liquids and debris from the work area. A raised diamond pattern on the mat’s surface, as well as an inverted-V pattern on the ramps provide additional traction. Diamond Flex-Lok offers superior resistance to industrial chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and grease thanks to its 100-percent recycled PVC construction. Its unique interlocking system allows for flexible configuration.  

Find Mats for Slick Floors

The prevention of slips, trips and falls in areas that may have slippery floors is a constant process requiring vigilance, training and the right solutions. The NoTrax series of floor mats are a vital tool that can enhance worker safety while also providing the added bonus of decreased worker fatigue. Contact us today to learn how we can work with you for a safer workplace.