Heavy Duty Mats for Forklifts

For a logistics or warehouse-focused business, a forklift is a necessity. Weighing up to 9,000 pounds and traveling at speeds up to 18 mph, forklifts provide the muscle that keeps inventory moving onward and outward to maintain a vital, robust lifeline for national and international supply chains. 

As with any piece of machinery, forklifts can cause catastrophic injury or damage if driven improperly or in unsafe conditions. According to the National Safety Council, almost 80 work-related deaths in 2019 could be attributed to forklift mishaps, along with an additional 8,140 non-fatal injuries.  

In addition to tip-overs, OSHA reports forklifts create additional workplace hazards with the “danger of skidding when traveling on oil, grease, water or other spills.” 

While deliberate safety training and other worker-related strategies help, warehouses can also mitigate some dangers by deploying heavy duty floor mats in strategic areas across the floor.  

What kind of heavy duty floor mats? That will depend on many factors such as floor size, placement of equipment, floor material and other factors. However, heavy duty floor mats are most frequently available as runners, rolls or tiles. NoTrax offers a solid lineup of each type that can be customized for your forklift safety needs.  

Heavy Duty Mat Options 

Absorbent Adhesive Runner Grip-Sorb 

An adhesive-backed, heavy duty floor mat, the Absorbent Adhesive Runner Grip-Sorb is constructed of a thin, yet strong, needle-punched polypropylene top that absorbs oil, solvents and water-based spills (up to 21 gallons) and wicks the liquid off, allowing the mat to quickly dry to keep floors dry and safe. And, Grip-Sorb won’t leave a sticky residue on floors. 

The tough construction of Grip-Sorb means it’s strong enough to adhere tightly to even the toughest conditions (high traffic aisles, walkways and vehicle traffic areas) and stays in place even when soaked. Despite its ruggedness, Grip-Sorb can easily be cut to size with a knife and can be vacuumed, swept, mopped or floor scrubbed. 

Shock & Slip Resistant Floor Protector RR Rolls 

Made of environmentally-friendly, 100-percent recycled rubber, Shock & Slip Resistant Floor Protector RR Rolls provide high-impact durability in addition to being scuff and stain resistant. 

With minimal maintenance requirements, Protector RR Rolls are slip-resistant in both wet or dry conditions and suitable for indoor applications that require sound absorption, spike resistance and a high degree of traction even when wet.  Protector RR rolls can be laid directly onto the floor with no glue or adhesive required. Is your warehouse subject to cold temperatures? No problem. Protector RR Rolls are not affected by frigid temperatures and won’t turn brittle. 

Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles

For added flexibility in oddly shaped floor configurations, Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles sport a unique, built-in interlocking system—the tiles can be laid directly on floor with no glue or adhesive. Like our other tile solutions, RR Tiles are suitable for indoor applications that require resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance and high traction even when wet. 

Find Ideal Forklift Safety Mats

Forklift safety is a team effort requiring intensive driver training, careful attention to equipment placement and a floor with anti-slipping and skidding protection. To learn how NoTrax heavy duty floor mats can help, contact us today.