How to Determine Matting Solutions for Extended Hallways

Protecting your industrial or office building from the rigors of tracked-in dirt, moisture and grit is a never-ending battle—especially when it comes to buildings containing extended hallways such as schools, conference centers or multi-housing units.

Up to 80 percent of interior soil walks into your building or factory via foot traffic. Matting solutions such as a runner mat or hallway mat keep your building safe and cleaner, starting at points of entry and extending down aisles or hallways.  

Installing the appropriate amount of matting throughout the facility not only saves money on wear and tear, maintenance and cleaning supplies, but also provides a safe environment by mitigating slips, trips and falls.  

NoTrax® offers a diverse array of matting options with up to 60 feet of a continuous run of matting—perfect for extended hallways. We recognize that workspaces vary in size and configuration, so we also offer custom-cut matting to meet a variety of specs. Custom-cut solutions are available in lengths of up to 150 feet to accommodate long production lines, aisleways or any area where one long mat is preferred over several individual mats.

Mat Options for Long Hallways

Master Trax Series Mats

Master Trax 371 is designed specifically for oversized entrances, foyers, aisles and hallways where one piece of matting is required versus multiple individual mats. Designed for medium to high traffic areas, Master Trax’s 37 ounces of needle-punch yarn per square yard makes it perfect for stores, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and office buildings. A Berber style top surface ships in a vivid palette of colors to match your décor. Beveled edge borders are available for a more gradual transition. Finally, Master Trax’s heavy-duty rubber backing with a textured underside helps minimize mat movement. It’s UV stable, stain resistant, durable and highly resilient. Custom lengths: up to 13' wide and 75' long  

A heavy-duty entrance or hallway mat, Master Trax 370 is designed specifically for areas where one piece of matting is required versus multiple individual mats. Sporty a hefty 54 ounces of needle-punch yarn per square yard, Master Trax 370 defends your floors in high traffic areas with a Berber style top surface that also comes in a variety of colors. Custom Lengths: Up to 13' wide and 75' long

Arrow Trax Mats

Arrow Trax mats provide exceptional performance in highly visible areas that require a subtly attractive yet functional matting product. With a robust 40 ounces of needle-punched yarn per square yard Arrow Trax sports a durable herringbone pattern that offers non-directional scraping action and moisture retention for the highest degree of crush resistance in heavy traffic areas. Custom Lengths: 3', 4' and 6' widths and up to 60' long. 

In addition to the normal debris that comes with the territory of normal foot traffic, some of us know all too well the extra crud that enters our buildings thanks to frigid weather— snow, salt and slush. 

Brush Step 109 Mats

Brush Step 109 protects your floor from entry to hallway. Poly-fibers absorb moisture, while the impermeable vinyl backing prevents moisture from reaching the floor. With a unique double-rib, high/low design, Brush Step digs into the sole tread of shoes for simple cleaning and drying. With a minimalist low design, Brush Step is a snap to vacuum. Custom Lengths: 3', 4' and 6' widths andup to 60' long 

Best Mats for Hallways

These entry and hall matting solutions are only the beginning of what NoTrax has to offer to keep your entryways and hallways safe, dry and clean. Contact us today for details.