Best Floor Mat Solutions for Wet Areas

Keeping equipment clean is of vital importance to almost any industry. However, unless you just really enjoy the “fun” of pressure-washing a vehicle or large piece of equipment, hosing down with a high-pressure water jet contraption can quickly become drudge work—especially if spraying something outdoors in freezing weather.  

In addition, companies that specialize in waterjet cutting (deploying a jet of water to cut metal or other material) use thousands of gallons of water that, if left standing, could create a safety hazard.  

Aside from the monotony of pressure washing, performing spray cleanup on wet floors can prove a safety hazard for slips, trips and falls (STF). Combined with the hundreds of gallons spilled onto a floor during spray-down, washed away dirt, oil and chemicals can fast become a slippery slurry, creating the “perfect storm” for STF.  

A floor mat for a wet area either inside or outside your facility can greatly reduce STF hazards in the workplace. NoTrax offers a comprehensive line of non-slip mats that increase traction while providing fatigue relief, slip prevention and insulation in wet areas. Although there are several standard sizes available for workstations, we also provide custom configurations, and our mats can handle most cleaned off chemicals and very hot water temperatures.

Wet Area Floor Mat Options

Diamond Flex-Lok™

A high-performance modular matting system combining the durability and toughness of the best industrial mats with super-comfortable ergonomic support, Diamond Flex-Lok™ features a unique multi-tiered footing design. How unique? Diamond Flex-Lok elevates the mat off the floor and that, in turn, creates air pockets that flex the mat with the weight of the worker. Not only are your workers more comfortable (and healthier) but their feet stay drier thanks to a large-hole drainage system that helps remove liquids and debris from the cleaning area. Diamonds are a worker’s best friend—a pronounced raised diamond pattern on the mat surface provides further traction, as does the inverted-V pattern on the ramp. 

Like its namesake, Diamond Flex-Lok is tough. Manufactured from 100-percent recycled PVC, Diamond Flex-Lok is resistant to industrial chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases. In addition, the matting solution offers a unique interlock system that comes apart for easy reconfiguration.  


Cushion-Ease® is a high performance interlocking anti-fatigue and drainage matting system made with a resilient rubber compound with a drainage top anti-slip surface texture and a multi-nib backing.  

Cushion-Ease is engineered to produce a functional and durable mat that also includes a male/female interlocking system for individual workstations, long runs, unique configurations and wall-to-wall floors. It’s also compatible with our M.D. Ramp System for easy on-site custom configurations and trip-resistant platforms. 

Superfoam™ Plus Perforated 

Superfoam™ Plus Perforated is constructed of a completely closed cell foam blend that will not absorb liquids and is highly resistant to grease, oils and animal and vegetable fats—making it ideal for kitchen applications. A durable, rubberized solution, Superfoam Plus Perforated features a soft upper layer and a dense under layer with mildew-proof antibacterial formulation makes the mat more hygienic and longer-lasting.  

Safety Stance®

Safety Stance® is made from a grease-resistant rubber compound to withstand many of the more commonly found industrial cutting oils and chemicals. Particularly well suited for wet or dry work areas, Safety Stance features a large hole drainage system with a mini-diamond studded top surface to minimize slippage. Permanently affixed beveled edges are made from a 100-percent Nitrile rubber compound offering the same resistance to oils/chemicals as the mat.