Weight Room Mats That Absorb Impact and Protect the Floor

After years of dropped barbells, grimy sneakers and workout sweat, even the toughest weight room mat will require replacement. Replacing worn weight room mats will not only provide a safer, more visually attractive area for gym members, but also save wear and tear on the floors underneath. NoTrax® offers a complete line of commercial weight room mats that can be configured easily for most any kind of gym floor space and can be moved should the need arise.

Weight Room Mat Options 

Modular Industrial Floor Protector Mat Slabmat™ 

Made of a tough natural rubber compound, the Modular Industrial Floor Protector Mat Slabmat™ is virtually indestructible—handling everything from the heaviest barbells of your gym’s Schwarzenegger to a beginner’s pushups. The thick platform can withstand heavy weights while the non-slip textured top surface ensures sure footing and freedom of movement.

The Slabmat’s modular design absorbs shock from falling objects and protects floors as well as equipment. The interlocking mat system allows for simple onsite customization. Compression tested at 20 percent up to 24,000 pounds per square foot, Slabmat is available in 3x3 foot tiles. The tiles can be easily laid out from wall to wall or as islands, in any shape or direction—perfect for commercial gyms, including 24-hour facilities.  

Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles 

Constructed of environmentally friendly, resilient non-porous material the Shock Absorbent Interlocking Rubber Mat RR Tiles are shock absorbent and slip resistant for wet and dry areas and will not harbor or promote bacteria.  

Available in three-eighth inch thickness, the mat tiles are perfect for gym use. Made of 100 percent recycled rubber, RR Tiles feature a dense construction that provides high-impact durability combined with anti-fatigue and ergonomic comfort properties with minimal maintenance. The product is suitable for indoor applications that require resilience, sound absorption and spike resistance. 

Shock and Slip RR Rolls

Made of environmentally-friendly, 100-percent recycled rubber, Shock & Slip Resistant Floor Protector RR Rolls provide high-impact durability in addition to being scuff and stain resistant. 

Protector RR Rolls are slip-resistant in both wet or dry conditions and easy to maintain. In addition, the RR Rolls provide an added layer of sound protection ideal for the clanging cacophony of a busy weight room. The matting system can be laid directly onto the floor with no glue or adhesive required.  

Heavy Duty Traction Weight Room Gym Floor Mats 

Heavy Duty Traction Weight Room Gym Floor Mats are designed specifically to handle the impact of free weights and heavy exercise equipment while also protecting the gym floor. Constructed of heavy-duty natural rubber, these mats will not buckle or curl under extreme weight and feature a textured top surface for added traction. Available in one-half inch thickness for wall-to-wall applications and three-quarter inch thickness for other applications including CrossFit, Olympic lifting or any workout involving heavy objects.  

Proper Gym Mat Solutions

Like every workout, every gym’s matting needs will vary, from floor areas with machines to free-weight rooms. The trained professionals at NoTrax are ready to help you with the heavy lifting when it comes to choosing a proper gym mat solution. Contact us today.